Friends and fans....  

maverick1255 52M
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8/16/2006 8:58 am
Friends and fans....

I think it is time to take a break. I need to consider my membership renewal. That will be up in one month. Friends and fans, I know you will give me the space and time. I love all of my new friends dearly!!!

Others, hmmmmmm ..... to have no issue with and to casually 'accept' that it is ok to have profiles that are not based in some form of reality, concerns me. Blogging in a fun creative way, not so much a concern. Blogging is 'personal' and is very diverse. I like that. The concept of a profile and a blog are two independent ideas, but when locked together in such a forum as this, one is based on the other. They cannot be separated.

So, I take my leave, for a few days. Just to consider what I have read. It greatly concerns me, and I may need to find more real avenues to pursue. Right now, you will see me around making comments and reading. So, that will not change.

Sincerely, Mav

rm_WackyEPP 54F
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8/16/2006 9:28 am

I've just found you, so hope you will not be gone too long.


Wacky Jacky

maverick1255 replies on 8/16/2006 8:22 pm:
Don't worry yet, Wacky!!!!

phoenix639 50F

8/16/2006 11:59 am

You know where your friends are if or when you need them hun.

maverick1255 replies on 8/16/2006 8:22 pm:
Thanks Phoe!!

pussinboots571 106F

8/16/2006 5:50 pm

Mav, You will return.........wont you?......your coming back...........right? I've only discovered your blog and I have enjoyed reading it these last few months, I've gotten into the habit of checking our your blog on a somewhat daily see what humurous joke you have...for us avid readers[/COLOR] return.............we all love you.............PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COME BACK!
Puss :h

maverick1255 replies on 8/16/2006 8:26 pm:
I am leaning that way Puss!! I will be back.

marathonman45202 54M
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8/16/2006 9:00 pm

Damn, dude, I just put you on my watched list a couple days ago!

maverick1255 replies on 8/17/2006 7:51 am:
Well, don't just cross me off yet!!!

catkit13 67F

8/16/2006 9:49 pm

you know, you still can blog as a standard member - hats off to the fun god for letting me know that a few months ago

maverick1255 replies on 8/17/2006 7:55 am:
That is true, but I really like looking at the profiles and emailing. Even if emailing is like beating your head against a brick wall!! Most of the time. Kinda like sending that message out into the ocean in a bottle!!!!!!

And if I want to keep my Deputy status, to blogville Sheriff Fun, I need it!!!!!! Need to keep blogville real!!!!!

funintheday2006 57M
9659 posts
8/17/2006 5:34 am

Who will feed the reptiles?? Who will I take the piss out of?

Nah, you'll be here, I renewed my gold ball today, I had similar thoughts but I like to check IP's quickly.

----> my logo

Please police your site so nobody else uses it.

maverick1255 replies on 8/17/2006 8:05 am:
Yea, there are vital roles to perform!!!! Kicking ass, taking names, keeping Fun God real, and if I want to keep my Deputy status, to blogville Sheriff Fun, I need to be gold/silver!!!!!! Need to keep blogville real, for humanity!!!!!


8/17/2006 6:24 pm

Hope you decide to stay, come back or whatever the heck it is. Basically I hope you don't leave! After all, you have the distinct honor of being on my watched list lol.

maverick1255 replies on 8/18/2006 3:03 pm:
I'm staying!!! Thanks, MyTime!

ShyWhisper2006 54F
15175 posts
8/17/2006 6:26 pm

breaks are what you need to well *smiles*

maverick1255 replies on 8/18/2006 2:59 pm:

LoyalOximeShred 43F

8/18/2006 2:50 pm

I can't blame ya for wanting to take a break. Regardless of all the nonsense going on, you've managed to keep the blog full of mirth- as it should be. I'm still keeping you on my watched list just in case


When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.
-John Ruskin

maverick1255 replies on 8/18/2006 8:59 pm:
Thanks Poetic_Seeks, yea, I'm staying!!! Yea!!!

catkit13 67F

8/18/2006 5:00 pm

    Quoting catkit13:
    you know, you still can blog as a standard member - hats off to the fun god for letting me know that a few months ago
you can also view profiles as a std member if you do it thru the blogs, and email members as well . . . the more i learn about this site, the gladder i am that i'm not paying for a membership

maverick1255 replies on 8/18/2006 8:59 pm:
That is very interesting. I will have to check that out.

Thanks, CatKit!!

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