Last Night in Atlantic City  

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5/18/2006 7:23 am

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Last Night in Atlantic City

After a meal in Caesar's Casino, I roamed the Boardwalk and streets of the town. There were nude dance clubs there, but they were not so good. Atleast, I was not impressed. But the evening did have a high point. I met a hot latino named Lisa.

At first Lisa was all confident and tried to work me. I saw through that shit and asked her how far behind on her rent was she? Then the tears came. Her rent was overdue and she needed money, but she never tried to sell her body before and was embarrassed by the whole situation. I told her I was not going to hire her to fuck me and invited her to my hotel room. She was confused and asked questions that I did not answer.

When we arrived, I asked her the specifics of her landlord and wrote on a stamped envelope. Then I made her an offer that she could not refuse. I told her she was free to go, but if she stayed--it would be because she wanted me for me and not for money. After mailing the envelope, I returned to my room. The shower was running and I heard singing. Her clothes were neatly hung in the closet along with mine and her danggly earrings were placed in the clean unused ashtray. I striped off my clothes and put on just a bathrobe, which was a full length hooded kind. The TV was on low volume and I switched the channel to HBO. After a while, the shower stopped and the bathroom door opened. There she was, an incredible beauty and now very shy, as she covered her breasts and pussy with her arms and hands. "I want to stay with you tonight" she said "and not for money. How did you know I just needed to be loved and cared for?" My answer was made in the form of an approving smile. Then she slipped between the sheetz. I climbed on top of her and began to kiss her full lips. Her mouth opened and our tongues met. I took my time just kissing her, then rolled over and manuevered under the covers without allowing her to check out my shit. Between the sheetz, I continued to kiss her with her arms around my neck and unable to reach my dick. But, her pussy was wet and I was working her large clit with my fingers while we kissed. When she cum, then I told her to roll to her belly and raise her hips for some doggie action. The covers rolled back and her firm round ass came up with me behind. She looked over her shoulder while I pushed into her wet accomadating cunt. She moaned as the first eight to ten inches just glided in and out. But then she saw looking between her legs that there was much more dick to fuck. I had her hips and started to jungle fuck her. Moans in Spanish and popping sounds fired me up. I just love that shit! The room was filled with the aroma of pussy.

We fucked all night, but in the morning Lisa told me that she had never fucked anyone but her husband, even after the divorse she just masterbated. I thanked her for her honesty and one of the hottest fucks of my life.

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