In a far away land  

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7/5/2005 3:41 am

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In a far away land

Hi to all you sexy, mature woman nice to see you of course I can not. The middle east is far from home. Though this is home for now because my hat is here. I work in this land to help our service man and woman, to see what the rest of the world is like in the 21 century. I served my country when it was not popular to do so, it was the right thing to do becuse I'am an Amercican that asks what can I do for my country. So the adventure is beginning for a third time. I left here once but came back because there were still things that needed to be done and I can see they get done. I miss the soft tender body of a woman under the tender touch of my strong hands and hot breath. I would love to tell you what I could do to your body with my hands, lips and tongue. My massages can take you to the stars and make you feel like you never felt on this world or time.

Let me tell you and someday show you how a man of passion and tenderness can find the depts of your soul. Whether in the moon light or in a soft bed with you lying naked glowing from the aftermath of a sensual massage, my mind will be with you and my hands sculpting your form over and over until your body releases all the stress and only leaves your desire and passion to be taken throught the stars to the depts of the oceans. You will melt into my hand with desire, I only have to please only you to recieve pleasure.

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