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rm_mariner464 71M
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5/28/2006 8:51 pm

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12/27/2008 9:08 pm

What I think!

Maybe it's my age but it seems I'm supposed to have lost my sex drive by now .... but .. DAMMIT I haven't. So here I am offering myself on here; like a ham in a butcher store window; hoping someone will be tired of BALONEY & pick me for their pleasure.
I feel like I'm watching my Mother-In-Law go over a cliff in my new car; talk about mixed emotions; guilt,excitement, on one hand a new beginning, on the other a fear of what I might be loosing. But a determination that I'm NOT ready to spend my time in a BINGO Hall, dobing my life away.
I refuse to believe that sex ends at 61! Hell I wake up with an erection; go to bed with an erection, horny as hell! I'd like to experience the scent of a woman lying close to me.
Small wonder I spend so much time working on my boat; it & the work shop are the only places that still have a familiar odor to them. OH for the sweet scent of a woman lying close to me!
I'm a MALE .. that doesn't mean I'm rough or uncaring .. I can give a massage that will send a lady to cloud nine; touch you so softly you will shiver. Body language tells alot about you and your mood, I enjoy keeping the mood light and enjoying.
I know that somewhere out there among you there is a woman my age that would like to spend some descrete time with a male; just enjoying the time together, stolen moments for the sake of our mutual pleasure.

Steel_Legs 60M/F

7/20/2006 1:23 am

Mariner - just wanted to say that you're writing is excellent. If you're pursuit of the woman you choose is as concise and passionate as your chosen words, you will find her, and make her yours.

All the best,


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