I want to take my clothes off  

rm_marcr1973 44M
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4/24/2006 10:37 am

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6/21/2010 9:31 am

I want to take my clothes off

Being nude with other nude people around is probably one of the most liberating experiences.

I envy the Japanese culture. I have seen photos of Japanese families bathing together without malice.

I was raised to always cover myself up even in the presence of the same sex, and not to look at a naked person. I don't think this is very good to one's mental health. It just fosters shame of one's own body.

rm_m16168 56M
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5/24/2009 8:11 am

I sleep naked everyday,and naked around my room,even when my children comes in,i have a 17+ daughther and 19+ son.
they see me naked since 10+ i dont feel embarras but dont know what they think when seeing me naked.
Now my daughter always run around naked,she also dont feel embarass showing to me and my son.only my wife is crumbling all the time.
she is very conservative.what do u think when my daughther and myself dont mind showing our naked body.

rm_marcr1973 44M
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6/6/2009 11:47 am

It would feel weird but then as I said, my mind has been conditioned.

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