Well now even my Family know  

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9/3/2006 5:24 am

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Well now even my Family know

Well I've always been very open about my interests and have openly discussed my BDSM intersts at work and have even proudly shown off my bruises - no doubt something that I will regret later.

However, I have always kept such things away from my family because I have considered some of them prudish to say the least (my elderly Aunt would choke on her tea and sandwiches or so I thought) but last night my interstes were sort of discussed at a family get together and to be honest things didn't go too badly.

So now the family know that I will be going to Club Hades and indeed what kind of Club it is but not everything that goes on there (but I really can't wait) and my Sister and Cousin now know that I'm into bondage and CP at least.

I have to say though that it was my Sister's reaction that surprised me the most because I've always considered her to be very prudish and conservative. However, she dosen't really seem to mind too much (not that it would stop me anyway) she even seems to approve of the leather jeans that I brought. The only thing is that she has told me not to be too stupid and she has dropped a few hints that she thinks I'm being pervy - but I can live being pervy and as regards to not doing anything stupid, well I have limits the same as anyone else.

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