Sushi and an argument  

rm_mangomami2 42F
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7/26/2006 9:26 pm
Sushi and an argument

Lunch does not go down like those sex and the city girls around here ........more like this ......

"Get your fingers out of my plate , I don't know where they have been rug licker "
"Bite me karate chopper ."
"You wish "
"They didn't even cook the damn noodles "
"Ok Mama teresa , what happened with that skinny guy ?"
"Please he actually said to me , if you stop cooking so much maybe you will lose weight .So I said , maybe if you stop wacking off so much , you could last more than 2 minutes ."
"Sounds like a marriage made in heaven"
"Thats better than the guy I was seeing from work , he drove a beemer but still lived at home with his parents , that's just ewwwwww"
"Did Orlando call yet ?"
"Yes and we are getting married next month , don't be jealous "
"Me jealous of you , pulezze you and your silicone vallies "
"Oh we can't all be perfect like you ."
"If she is perfect why do we all get laid and she gets to cuddle up with her ad copy at night ?"
"It's called standards "
"Standards , you mean you have standards ?"
"Yes I do funny , smart , ambitious "
"And thats why you are alone ."
"By choice , chica"
"By default because you never shut up ?"
"Well if we could combine all our talents we would make the perfect woman ."
"Sunnis backside and smarts , Mickeys killers abs and attitude , Shas vallies and her sweet nature , Chers cooking and jokes , kellys cater to you style and huge sexual appetite , we are it ."

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