She was amazing.  

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8/25/2005 9:35 pm

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She was amazing.

There she was. Small in stature, yet larger than life. Eyes like sapphires, and a face to die for. Her ever tan skin radiated sensuality and evoked desire. Even the simplest of movements, like taking a drink was a sight to behold.

I walked up to her and ordered a drink. I'm thinking," high class escort." She's thinking, "Who the hell is this creep?" I throw a coy smile in her direction. She pretends not to notice. I sigh... She looks at me. I smile again and she finally smiles back. I say, "Hey, how you doin'?" She says,"I've been better."

I ask her what's wrong. It's a beautiful day, the heat isn't to bad, although she's burning hot and she's this perfect physical specimen who could make men jump off of buildings. Her man cheated on her. She put him through college, her family is disgraced and she has no reason to go on. She exudes her oriental charm without even knowing it. I offer her a drink and she accepts. A Long Island Iced tea. We make small talk. Not much need to be said. My chest is straining against my tank top. My testosterone is through the roof. My underwear is crowded. She touches my arm and I'm magnetic. I'm drawn to her like bugs to a fire. I tell her a dirty joke and she giggles like she wants to bust out, yet she restrains herself. I whisper in her ear, and as my nose brushs her ear, I see the little tiny hairs on the back of her neck stand up. I gaze at her eyes. Deep like the ocean. I lean in to kiss her and she turns her head. I gently touch her chin with my hand and draw her near. I tenderly kiss her little pink lips. I caress her mouth with my tongue, creating small circles, our lips dancing and breath growing heavy. I grab the back of her head and kiss her like she's my wife who I haven't seen in a year.
She starts licking my ears as I squeeze her firm little breasts. Like baseballs. So firm and perfectly round. She massages my throbbing cock through my shorts. My cock is peeking out the top of my shorts. She looks around and then bends down and licks the tip of my cock like a hot pepper. The clear dew creates a longstrand of glowing light stretching from my cock, as she licks her lips to taste me.
She stands up, takes my hand and leads me to the ladies room. There are no other ladies in the bar. Perfect. She throws the door open and shoves me in.. she locks the pants are down. my cock is like a rolling pin. she sucks it like it's her first. So tender and soft. Licking the shaft, tongue twirling around the head. Long strands of cotton candy stream off my cock as she gingerly swirls her mouth around it. Then, she goes all the way down. Her throat spasms as my cock engulfs her throat. Sucking sounds get louder. She's moaning and groaning as she grinds my cock. It's almost as long as her head is tall. My cock looks huge gainst her delicate and tan little head.
I pick her up and put her on the sink. I slide her pinf panties down and see a perfect wet, shiny and symetrical pussy. Fat little pink lips engorged with ecstasy. I taste her and she is sweet like watermelon, and tart like a lime. MMMMMMMmmmmm she likes. I suck her pussy hard and fast. It sounds like I'm eating hot soup. She has my hair in her hands and she grinds her pussi into my face. My head rotating, I lick her like a snow cone in August.
Gently then fiercely licking evey inch of her manicured pussy.
Finally I can take no more. I bend her over the sink and drive my throbbing dick deep in her tiny little pussy. She screams, "It's Sooooo Tight! Your fat cock is stretching my pussy out. Oh my God! That's it. Right there. harder, harder, harder...fuck my little pussy harder!!! I'm squeeezing her breast from underneath and driving it deeper and deeper. The sweat drips off my head onto her back. The sink is cracking from the force of my cock. I pound and she moans. Louder and louder. Wetter and wetter she gets. Her back arches as I feel her pussy spasm around my pulsing cock. I throw my head back and let out a deep groan as she quivers with orgasm. She pushes me back an beginsto furiously suck my cok as she jerks it with her hand. Faster and faster she goes. The slurping is deafening as I explode down the back of her throat. My jizz is poring out her mouth as she moans and and licks the strands off of my cock and it drips down her chin.

We clean up, dress and go back to her place. What happens there? Read my pther blog post

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