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10/23/2005 4:56 pm

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Hmmm, where to go today?

If you're reading these notes in chronological order, you've seen my comments/questions in my first post regarding ladies and gentlemen. If not, go read those thoughts then come back here. It'll probably make more sense.

Although the idea of these ramblings making sense is debatable.

Onward: I've always been under the impression that most females prefer a 'gentleman.' A man who will treat her with respect. Who will not degrade her. Who is looking for something more than taking her to bed. While I understand that this is entirely situational, my impression is that under most situations, the respectful treatment would be preferred.

In the past several months I have been referred to by many different ladies as a 'perfect gentleman.' However, while these ladies seem to enjoy my company in a group setting (sometimes even seeking me out) they apparently have no interest in spending one-on-one time with me.

I understand that I'm no Brad Pitt, George Clooney or <insert any male heartthrob>, but I don't believe that I'm quite Quasimodo, either. I have a sharp brain, quick wit and have no problems carrying on conversation.

I suspect this is somehow related to another comment that I've recently received. It was that while I'm always a gentleman, I am very predictable. I've not yet gotten a good explanation as to what was meant by that - whether it meant boring or just not spontaneous enough. Or perhaps something else altogether. It might have been meant complimentarily, but the way it was stated didn't sound that way.

Yes, I'm confused by all this. But then, I might just be feeling sorry for myself tonight.

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