Just another day  

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8/19/2006 8:55 pm
Just another day

All we really want is to find another nice, older man. We want somebody who clearly sees that I'm the pretty one, and that we don't need them in order to have sex with eachother. We want somebody who understands that my partner is not optional or temporary, and is willing to just deal with it, because they know they'll never get a chance like this again.

We want somebody who has looked in the mirror recently, and has looked at my photos, has taken a while to think about it, and acts accordingly. If I have to tell you what accordingly means, you're not what we have in mind.

I think some guys get the impression that I'm an inanimate pleasure horse, and that I'm open to fuck just anyone, and I'm going to love it, because there's a penis somewhere. These people watch too much porn. Hello! Not only does my sweetie have a super yummy penis, but it does not occur to them that I might want to decide that I'm not disgusted by them before we talk about the possibility. I'm not into perfection, here, but I will be the one to choose the next guy, not some overweight, unhappily married baby-boomer who clearly has so much to offer me in bed. It does matter that we meet these guys, and that I decide whether or not I'm attracted to them, because if I'm not, it will never happen. We're not UNICEF.

And three cheers for these weirdos from out-of-state who "travel to PDX often"... Well, I'm not a member of the Volunteer Hooker Association. We're not going to meet with you briefly, and my loving partner will not leave me alone in a motel room while you do God knows what to me. Yuck!

No one reads these anyway, but you know, we read every message together, and we're literally doing all of this together. We love eachother, and we want to share this. We're here to find someone with whom to explore a few things without jeopardizing our careers or social life. I think it's well evident that we don't have a problem turning heads.

I think somehow we'll live if we don't find another guy for me. I think I'm just down on this. I'm tired of being treated like trash.

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