Have a Nice Day!!!  

rm_madro40 52M
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6/22/2006 5:50 am
Have a Nice Day!!!

Good Morning fellow bloggers. Got off the phone with my sister last night it was good to talk to her. Sparing you all the details, it pretty much went something like this:

me: how are you?
her: good, kids are fine, yours?
me: good just got back
her: oh, that's good to hear...

(and so on and so forth you get the idea)

Anyway, we talked for awhile and she tells me she's back with her ex, well not back totally together but talking and hanging out some. Now I know you all don't know the details surrounding this, but he's a bad man, verbally abusive, mentally abusive, and an alcoholic. When he doesn't drink, a prince of a man, you know the rest. My question I guess is this and I've asked her as well. Why do you go back, in fact why are women in general attracted to the BAD BOY image. She told me it was the thrill of the chase. I can appreciate that, but if you know it's bad, why keep chasing him.

An old baseball adage says, "Nice guys finish last" I'm really starting to wonder if it's not the case.

I find it very curious though, how many times I'll hold a door open and not even receive a nod, smile or word of thanks, now that clearly is not why I hold doors, I do it to be nice. I'm a big believer in random acts of kindness, no matter how small. Maybe we're just to busy in our own little worlds to take the time to notice. Mama raised a gentleman, and I'm doing my best to raise one too. I must say however, last week I held the door open for a lady, and she stopped, smiled and thanked me. I guess I'll just keep on doing it. It's kinda like the Gods of golf, they keep giving you just enough good shots to not throw your clubs away and come back and play another round.

So I will leave with this parting shot, be nice to yourselves and each other, it might just make it a better day!

Thanks for stopping by and having a read.

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