what is sexy magic?  

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4/22/2006 2:36 am

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what is sexy magic?

What is sexy magic?

- Sex, of course, is one of the best ways to get to know some body. In fact, the word "know" is used in the Bible to describe, not just sex, but an intimate sort of closeness, beyond words, or even thoughts... sort of like a Robert Crumb ZAAPP!
It's this face-to-face, and other body parts, meeting, that causes all the barrier walls to fall down.

Yeah,sure, maybe they can, maybe they should, who knows,they might... but, usually, they don't.

Then you're left all alone with this grieving spirit , crying hunger for something you saw in a dream, or a movie, or heard in bit of music, that touched you, the real wellwater, deep inside of you, part of you. That part of you, that even you can't feel, or touch, or sense, or see... the sanctuary of your being, your soul...

Still needing,bleeding, hoping, praying, shouting out from deep inside of you , "HEY! I'M HERE! CAN'T YOU SEE ME? CAN'T YOU HEAR ME? crying, cccan't you... cccaaannttttyyyyoouu, why can't you understand mee? Am I invisible?"

And, then when somone touches the inner you of you, that even you can't even , ever find- then,


If you've watched all these exercise and yoga shows, like I have, you've noticed that a couple of things are missing.

Look at the postures, the BUTTERFLY, the FISH, the LOTUS. Now, Wouldn't they be easier to do, if done in water?

And, if you had another( or others) with you as partner(s)?

That's Tantra Yoga for Western minds , or as I like to call it,

(to be continued on the next cloud)

2// So, alrady I can hear some dofus saying, "WOW! I can't wait, to get some of my buds, and a bunch of teenyboppers and we'll get in Hank's hot tub and @#&*()%$#@^&*+ 'em...!"

No, that's completely wrong! What myself and the Kama Sutra, and Ovid's Art of Love, stress is an intimacy, not just gangbanging away, but a meeting of body, mind, and soul occur.

In otherwords,dudes, leave your macho egos with your flip flops and take an actual intrest in what you're doing, and more importantly, whom you are doing it with. This is the only way that you'll get the magic to work.

Can you imagine what would happen if, say, David Coperfield, or Lance Burton, or Chris Angel,or me, for that matter, were to put as little thought into our illusions as most men do,into their
love-making? I don't think any of us would really impress our audiences, nor get them to watch another performance.

True magic is both an art and a science. And, it needs a lot of practice, a lot of practice!

So, roll up your sleeves, ladies and gents, we've got a lot of work to do!

outta here!)

Love and Peace,

3// Now, if you're ready, we'll begin... I'm guessing that you've gotten together with the persons,the partners that you wish to do these experiments with. Whether in 1 on 1, or a group, it doesn't really matter. There 's a form of tantra, called secret dallience, wherein a healthy male can satisfy up to 10 women, or more. But, more on that later.

The first question that you might ask yourself is, what are my needs, and how can this meet them? For,tantra can resolve 3 basic areas:

1) Break Bad Habits- smoking, drinking, drugs, overweight thru improper diet or lack of excercise, etc.

2) BUILD UP SELF CONFIDENCE- learn to relax, and develop "all things in moderation"

3) BEGIN THE NEW LIFE- this is the crux of the matter. Using this system, can lead to a NEW YOU, a better, more confidant, and a SEXIER YOU!

(See you real soon,haha!)


4// "The time has come, the Walrus

said, To talk of many things. Of

shoes and ships..." Lewis carrol

So,let's talk about 3 ships: After all, Columbus used them to find a new world, so why not use them to find a more sexier you?

The first ship,Friendship, ship is primary,'cause if anyone feels ill at ease with anyone else, there can be NO magic.Much like if I'm performing and somebody starts to heckle me.
Believe me,anytime you got conflict, you don't got no magic! This isn't just about sex, this is LOVE-MAKING... you are making, shaping, forming, molding, co-creating a thing called love, a love that should run the gamet from EROS (sexual, sensual) to AGAPE (self-sacrificing, the highest, the truly spiritual, that which transcends ego-bodies, to become a single entity.)

(more to come, [excuse the pun])


rm_smilinvixen 70F
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7/7/2007 8:42 am

very interesting..i actually experienced a tantra episode once with a man..best oral i have ever had..

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