1st nice day :-)  

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4/2/2006 5:53 pm

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5/14/2006 4:48 pm

1st nice day :-)

As an update, would like u to know what I got upto the other day

It was an unusually nice day for this time of year, and I had waitied ages for the weather to pick up, so I took advantage of it.

I had finished work for the day, and was on my way back to the office, when I got one of those urges and decided to make a pitstop before I got home.

I stopped off at a place is not too far from my home, and is a nice wooded area often quiet.

I thought I would park the car near the gates, walk over to the wooded area and then get naked and begin a masterbation session. This was the plan but what happened was far better

I stood against the car, and instead of climbing over the gate and making my way towards to wooded area, I stripped of naked apart from my socks and shoes. I had a fair trek to the woods, perhaps 1000 yds, and caught my hardening cock on the gate as I climbed over it and made my way towards a small bushy tree aprox half away. I had cum here before, but I wanted a real good session, so I continued to make my way to the privacy of the woods, where there was a clearing in the middle.

I had been naked here before, and it was fantastic, and to be honest, this would be spot I had chosen for my fantasy of being tied up and repeatedly sucked off and masterbated.

As soon as I got into the area, the thought of my fantasy was kicking in, and my cock was bobbing up and down slapping against my thighs and stomach, and i moved towards my selected tree.

I put my back against the tree, and raised my arms, pretending to be bound, and imagining a girl sucking and masterbating me. It was heaven. I would lower my right arm, and masterbate my cock vigerously, and then put my right arm back up, and then repeat with my left arm.

I did this several times, and as I began to feel myself ready to cum, I would stop for a few moments, put both my arms back up. The feeling would subside and I could start again.

I repeated this several times, until I got closer and closer to cumming until I could take it no more. As my cock jerked to let out the first spirt, I quickly released my cock, and put my arms back up high and my cock took over and jerked again and again until my balls were empty.

It was fantastic, with the warm sun on my body and a gentle breeze around my cock. I settled down, and started to make my way back to the car. I moved quickly back to the car, but still managed to get an errection before I got back to the car, thinking about someone catching me, but I got away with it.

I didnt bother to dress, just got in the car to make my escape and find another spot to get my clothes back on. On the way to another spot, I had to cover a dual carriage way and some roundabouts, and was luckly enough for a female driver to be beside me in a queue driving a vauxhall zafira which can see right into my car from above due to her elevated driving position.

I saw her playing with her hair, and she glanced across, and then raised her eyebrows, as she saw me sat there completely naked, and by now with an errection touching my steering wheel.

We must have paused for about 20 seconds, then disturbed by the cars behind beeping their horn. She simply gave me a massive grin, and a thumbs up, and pulled away.

I moved off and got into the spot I was looking for, still errect from that experience, and masterbated again before putting my clothes back on, and making my way back home.

If only all my days were like that

Will keep you updated on whats going on as the weather gets better

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