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7/26/2006 3:28 am

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Our Time

A recent online encounter with a special hot person inspired this...

I see you sitting on the corner of the bed sleepily, your hair hugging your face closely, but not yet brushed. You have that look as you turn and gaze lazily up at me. I bend to be close to you and slowly our lips meet, slightly parted, the warm soft feel of your kiss tingles on my lips as we perfectly match each other, the slight pressure feels divine. I can feel the connection, anticipation, and excitement build…

I move the kiss, like a dotted line…slowly from your mouth to under your chin, down your neck…not just kissing but feeling with my lips, gently touching with my lips and tasting, as each kiss is completed and my lips close but to lift and kiss again, I taste your essence and savor it with each movement. My mouth moves down with kisses and now nestles between your breasts. I cup your left breast with my hand and gently feel it firm up under my touch. Little brail like goose bumps appear around your nipple that feels like a soft pink jelly tot between my fingers. I gently slide my fingers around it and lightly squeeze, pulling and rolling your nipple between my fingers. You let out a soft moan…I plant my lips firmly on your other breast, taking the nipple in, and move it around my tongue. While holding you, you slowly drop backwards until you are flat on the bed, your feet still touching the floor. I continue the dotted line kisses down between your breasts, returning every now and then to your puppy-dog-nose pink nipples, continue the dotted line down your stomach, flicking your belly ring a bit with my tongue and continue down with dotted line kisses. I start noticing the warmth between your legs, long before I get there…the heat of you and the almost unnoticeable muskiness in the air, below my chest as I slide on down with the kisses…I sense it, feel it under me…we breath deeper…hot breath racing across our lips…

I taste you…you moan low, breath hot…I hum gently with my lips against your pink bits and you groan and pull my face into you while at the same time you move your feet off the ground, fully enveloping me in your love. I tease. I Pull gently, bury my tongue…you groan…hot breath racing for both of us. I pull you to the edge of the bed, I kiss you, taste you, sense you until we are no longer aware of where we are…I lift your hips up with firm hands…

I guide myself and penetrate you, you gasp with the first sensation of it. I hold still, capturing the moment and then firmly push in deeper. The way you are lying gives a magical deep penetration, I feel your texture, warm, clinging and somehow teasing. I tense my cock, and feel it expand just a little more…in you, but enough to be felt by you. You groan loudly, I hear myself moaning with pleasure. I pull back, enough to be right out and re-penetrate you. You gasp as the sensation hits you a-new. We hold, allow the sensations to grow to dizzy heights, we repeat this until we are tingly with the sensation of it. The room fades out…you pull me in, whispering you won’t wait any longer…I give in, thrust firmly with long strokes…the climax builds until we both explode together, the sudden release felt as a hot wet rush…you feel the tingling all over.

The room fades back in. I am holding you, you mention you always feel safe when we cuddle on our sides, my arms are around you and firm strong hands are holding your back. I firmly rub your back for a while, holding you close, enjoying your warmth and breasts against my chest. I role over you…gently kiss each nipple…you giggle softly…I am still hard, I kiss your mouth…I slide in with ease, without having to guide myself. Everything is wetter, warmer and softer inside, somehow almost like a thin layer of warm sponge surrounds your honey pot…We are more urgent than earlier, both still aroused from our recent love making and we climax easily, shorter, but a sweet release. We tingle together… You don’t feel like getting up, wishing to hold onto the wetness of us a while longer…savoring the feeling of it, we hold each other again…the room fades out…I hear your soft rhythmic breathing, your eyes are closed…the room fades for me too…bliss.

isis105 56F

8/14/2006 3:12 am

It was everything you said it would be......

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