first sexual experience at a young age  

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6/12/2006 4:12 pm

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first sexual experience at a young age

This true life story happened when I was a young boy in Mexico, Growing up in more ways than one. We lived in a small town called Zihuatanejo, I must have been about 9 yrs. old, accross the street from our house lived a family with two daughters and a son. The son's name was Cecilio, and no I did not experience with him, but his two sisters, were always interested in the guy accross the street with light hair, and creamy complection. One day, it must have been about the middle of march, the tourists that came from arround the world were making there way back home. The beaches, with soft sand and clear waters started becoming empty. I happened to glance at the end of the beach, where the gigantic rock formation broke the main beach in half and who do I see, but The girl from my street and her family on an outing. As I approache both of the girls looked at me and began my way. Now Cecilio was my friend, but on that particular day, I was more interested in his older sis, Marcela, oh Marcela, she was a year older than me. As I got closer she waved hello, and gave me a devilish smile, I asked if she would like to go for a climb on the rocks at the end of the beach, to which she agreed. When she asked her mom, she said she could but only if she took her sister with us, to which Marcela agreed. Once at the top of the rocks, she asked if I had ever kissed a girl before, and dared me to kiss her sister whom was a year younger than me, needless to say I gladly accepted her dare. From that point on, things became a little blurry as to how we got to my next memory, but that memory will live with me for the rest of my life. The next thing I remember is her asking me if I wanted to stick my dick inside of her, so I did, Now this next part I remember like it was yesterday, her sister, whom was watching all of this unfolding before her very eyes, asked if I would finger her while I fucked her sister, this went on for about half an hr., after which time we heard their mom calling for them to go home. We returned to the beach, the family was all packed, Cecilio and his dad had already left. Marcela decided to stay behind to take one last swim, little did I know it was a swim in desire. After they all left Marcela and I headed to this little lagoon like area where the waves would fill a low area in the beach and sand would trap it, creating a pool-like area with water that was about 3 ft. deep. We both squated took our bottoms off and continued what we had started on the rocks. I remember the feel of an orgasm, but nothing ejected, after that special day, she told me we could do this again if I didn't tell anyone, but me being the child I was, I blabbered to all my friends, ridiculed her in school, by pointing at her when we passed each other and saying outloud, "I fucked her, and fingered her sister" She never spoke to me again. Later on that same year, arround November, towards the end, her family moved away, and I never saw her again. My dad told me that there were rumors that the wife killed the husband because she caught him cheating on her. I will never know, but I will never forget my first sexual experience, with Marcela, and her sister Viki.

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