Gas Prices (long)  

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5/2/2006 10:09 pm
Gas Prices (long)

~Written for AP Lit Class~

Ridding Back to the Future

We’ve all seen it, driving to the store, or even to a friends house. Gas prices are soaring. People are lining up at the pump to get the cheaper price. Although many say they can no longer afford to drive, who has the ability to uphold that vow? The best most can hope to do is travel less or, when they do travel, to spend less money when they get there. High gas prices are discouraging travel and tourism, as well as taking money away from other places in the economy where it might be of better use.
Everyone has seen this, and it affects most of the population. Very few people have been able to go through their lives without buying gas. When everyone can see such an obvious problem, why has nothing been done? For anyone who could find a solution to this simple problem would save the U.S. population millions of dollars a year. Of course the person who discovered such a solution, would surly become a hero to all who hear about them. We are just normal people like you dear reader, but we have a vision for a better future, that will make gas price problems virtually disappear.
Most people who are looking to do away with the overly high price of gas would look into the future for some wisdom. Many feel that new technology is the answer. We are taking a new approach, one that heads in an all new direction. Well, the direction isn’t really new at all; we are looking to the past. By looking back, before gas prices were even an issue, the solution can be clearly seen.
It is really very simple when you think about it. To eliminate high gas prices all you have to do is eliminate the need for gas. It would be much simpler and more fuel efficient if we all went back to the past and rode horses. Horses are a great and underestimated source of transportation. This move backwards would allow us to move foreword more affectively with our minds free from thoughts of transportation difficulties. This would of course mean outlawing cars altogether.
There are many far reaching affects of this change. We would be left with millions of unused unneeded cars. These could be given to the military to make us a stronger nation. Many would lose their jobs due to the shift in economy but ultimately it would open up more jobs. People would be needed to make the carriages, harnesses, saddles, and other riding gear for the horses. Pastures would have to be set up to grow food, and provide exercise. People would be needed to breed horses and take care of them. There would be a whole new class of drivers for the carriages. This would open up many jobs for people who find that higher education is not for them. These people could become a burden on society, but instead they would be working and providing valuable services.
Of course not everything would change; emergency personal would still be allowed to drive motor vehicles. Ambulances would still be able to get to people, and the police would find it easier to apprehend criminals, they would also see the elimination of the high speed chase. And fire trucks would still be able to speed to their destinations.
There are an astonishing number of advantages to this plan. The first and most obvious is the near elimination of gas, who cares how much it cost if they do not need to pay for it at all. Second is the opening of new job markets. The amount of lost jobs would seem miniscule to the number of jobs that would be opening up. Third, this would greatly benefit the environment. There would be much less exhausts in the atmosphere, making even the air easier to breath. Noise pollution would be down as well because horses are much quieter then cars. Fourth, it would open up a greater sense of community. You feel closer to people when you can talk to anyone you pass, no one would be locked up in the awful invention the car. Fifth it would slow down if not completely eliminate the spread of obesity. Riding requires muscles, balance, and stability, if it became a social norm, everyone would be getting more exercise. Sixth and last, there would be no more car accidents, no more drunk driving, and no more road rage.
So if we would just pass a simple law, this could be the world we live in. We would all ride horses, and never again worry about the price of gas. Even the very air that we breathe would be healthier now that we took the time to change our world.
This is only one idea of course, but a better one has yet to be suggested. We have little personal interest in this and only thought of this for the good of our society.

*Disclaimer* If you don't understand this look up the word satire and stop being an uneducated dumb-ass.

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