on the beach (later)  

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12/6/2005 4:49 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

on the beach (later)

a rumble of a quad trails across the sand, two figures heavy in leather, make yahoos!! as they squiggle the four wheeler towards us. I recognize Ritz by his long dark hair and Julie, blonde, sun burnt, black brassiere, they are laughing putting back beers.

Ritz and Jean go way back, many a trip across the border. Julie - has always a wild smile, teeth bared. And you are panting, reaching again for my cock sucking it hard, just cannot stop. Jean looks at Ritz, they exchange smiles. Ritz starts pulling his zip, his muscled body rippling in spasms of energy. And before I know it Julie has a black demon of a whip out, with a heavy handle, and starts to play it in my arse. She laughs, and you keep sucking, now taking your fingers under my balls. She invites you to suck the whip handle. You make a play. Ritz laughs with Jean, and takes over fresh, hard, quicker, and dancing his dick in you .... its time for me to take over, but Julie has got a hold on me from behind and Jean starts leaning over, and pulls you over ..... I want to pleasure you, to ... but Julie runs her hands over, tearing off my shirt, cracking her whip, she is laughing, pumping up the bottle so the beer swirls up, soaking over her alert nipples, her shaved pubes, and forces me to appreciate her inner architecture, the contortions, the tunnels, the swirls of the pumping that is uncontrolled within her ... my tongue and face are in her vibrant dancing .... you are lost with Jean and Ritz in a circle of energy rising falling - Julie pulls me up sliding her whip head through my legs, and forces my cock into her, manipulating the whip in my anus .... her breasts wet juicy bouncing I dance my tongue and then take slow sucks before forcing her lips to mine .... but she doesnt - you somehow are there again with that unmistakeable sweet smell, and Julie's has Ritz behind her giving her as she likes it, and you have your tongue in me and I am blacking in and out, reaching that point and returning (Julie I cant wont stop whatever happens, you know, wont, but want, your architecture, my cock thrusting not stopping, finding new resonances, constraints) and you know this play of limits and pushing the limits and pushing it again.

Jean is lying back on the sand, his cock growing in grandeur, his hands rubbing it to its full size. A big smile. He sees us all dancing on the edge. His eyes grow wide. We are all on the edge. The yearning, earning yearning .....

The wind has stopped. The clouds are heavier. The moon is stoking for a storm ....

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12/7/2005 5:59 am

(come play with us in the creative writing challenges--particularly the "continuing" erotic story line)

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