This Has only just started  

rm_lovinmale44 56M
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7/11/2006 9:56 am
This Has only just started

This is all new to me, but been wanting to strt something like this for a long time. It may have alot of errors in ,puncuation etc. what gave me the idea and drive to start this was Greekgurl. She is a great person to chat with. so thanks again Greekgurl. Another thing, If anyone has sugestions let me know. I'm 44 and been told I have been through so much in my life that the average person would not have been able to live though it. Ranging from abuse in allways as an infant to being close to being intitutionized in a state hospital. But also of course In between there my sex life could have been rated XXX. I know there are things that has hapeened alot of people can relate to. So Bare with me, I will do my best To keep writing in here daily. Also I love Using Smilies But just can not figure it out on here. Help! I am no dummie, but somethings do elude me. Well Be back later.

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