Moments when you have really lived.......  

rm_lovelyLady 65F
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10/30/2005 7:12 am
Moments when you have really lived.......

You will find as you look back upon your life
that the moments when you have really lived
are the moments when you have
done things in the spirit of love.
Henry Drummond
(Canadian poet 1851-1860)

rm_unlistedone 66M
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10/31/2005 12:01 am

And you will find us
when you look back
that we answered
each other's needs... and wants.
We began...
we found...
we became...
we are friendly memories.

(With apologies to Henry Drummond)

lol... (looking over life.) hug,unlisted

rm_lovelyLady 65F
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10/31/2005 5:45 pm

When I say, "I love you,"
it's not just because I want you
or because I can't have you....
It has nothing to do with me.
I love what you are... what you do....
I've seen your kindness... your strength.....

You don't love someone
for their looks, or their clothes,
or for their fancy car...
but because they sing a song
only you can hear.


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