Craziest week ever  

rm_longuspenis 52M/52F
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8/13/2006 2:06 am
Craziest week ever

Okay I got crazy this week. Wednesday I decided to get a new tattoo. Nothin unusual for me. I went to my usual tattoo parlor picked out two new ones. The first is taz drinkin a beer. Had it put on my left calf. The second is a three headed green dragon medieval type which is on my left shoulder blade. But I then went crazy. As per my other blog I already had my tongue pierced, but I went further and decided to get both of my nipples pierced. That was insane. 10 seconds of the most excruciating pain i've ever felt. Now my nipples are sore as hell but it looks cool.Can't play with them for six months which sucks.But the girls in my life seem to like them pierced. MY OTHER FRIEND who has all the tattoos and is a pain freak watched and was turned on by my pain. So much she decided to pose nude for the wife and I. Some hot pics were taken and will fill some deviant sex fantasies for me.

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