When is love not enough?  

rm_longsilky1 51M
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11/14/2005 10:34 pm

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When is love not enough?

I have a girlfriend that I really feel love for, she found out about the three time a week girl that that the previous entry was about. She is mad even though there was no exclusive relationship. I do not blame for being mad but it kind of brings to a head why we are not really right for each other, She is a cathoilic girl and really wants wants to have a life that she will not have to beg for forgivemess for. I do not fault for that in principle. She just tends to hold me to a higher standard than she holds herself to. She says that I lied to her about the other woman. It was a lie of omission, and I would fully agree with that if she had not ktold me a lie about being separated from her husband when in fact at the time he was still living her.
I really do love this girl, I have become obcessed with her, there are times when I cannot cum unless I think of her. So what is wrong? Three kids on her part, a minor issue to me, I am real man and not afraid of children at all. The entanglements of relationships, she is just now divorcing her husband and she still looks back with longing eyes on the wreckage of that relationship.
For now I will just see how it all plays out. I will just be patient and see what happens. She is so pretty and sweet to me she is like elf princess in a Tolkin novel, that is the veiw through the rose colored glasses, I see a more true version of her too. I wonder if love is enough to over come our differences.

I invite your comments and advice.

rm_kinkierthenu 32F
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11/14/2005 11:24 pm

I think there is nothing better then being in love! It sounds like you two have a couple of issues that will be resolved in time! I love the saying "all you need is love...." You sound like you have such compassioin for herand for that i think it will work out in your favor just give it time! Good luck.

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