You gotta love the weekends--I know I do ;)  

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9/10/2006 10:33 am

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You gotta love the weekends--I know I do ;)

Friday--I was ACHING to see FWB. Aching. But the work day ran long. Then, I had to do errands. Then I had to pick up the kids. He wasn't at my place until late.

We "watched" Capote. By that I mean, we talked so much through it that I didn't really get to see much of it at all.

He had with him a "bag of goodies." I'd told him that I was hungry... I thought he brought over some grub--something he had done in the past. When I tried to look in the bag he told me, "No peeking."


After the movie, he took me to my room. He had the request of a blowjob. He was so polite--How could I possibly deny? I was doing my work... Stopped a little for conversation, as I was about to start back up--the climax! OOPS! I meant to swallow that... Sorry!

Then he blindfolded me... Anticipation built absolutely. For those of you that didn't know... My ex was HARDLY romantic or clever. Coming up with something of this nature was completely out of the ex's grasp and I was more than excited to say the least of it.

He took my hands and bound them behind my back. I was giddy. Showering me with kisses unexpected through lack of sight he started to take goodies from his bag.

The first was a feather--although I'm not ticklish all of the time, I found myself to be moreso because I had no idea what was going on. As you can imagine--I was constantly gigging.

Lightly grazing my body with it--he'd pick it up and shuffle all over to keep me guessing. My hands pulled against the rope.

My next "surprise" was some massage oil--it was flavored AND it heated up when it was blown upon. he douced my torso in it... Rubbed a little and blew in various spots. More giggles. As he's already learned my errongenous zones; those he paid more attention to. "It's malt flavored," he said as he noticed me trying to place the scent. He gave me a little taste of it. Nummy!

Next was ice water. The shock of it gave me the shivers. Again with the giggles. This was meant for the surprise element AND he used it to wash off the massage oil (after getting as much off as he could with his tongue ).

More pulling against the ropes.

Now I had to sit up. He placed me at the edge of my bed. I heard dripping in the background and I was instructed to open my mouth. Chocolate covered penis! Don't you wish they always were? For guys that have girlfriends that are reluctant to give bjs... I highly suggest it. I did my best to be sexy whilst getting it all off (but I really like chocolate and I didn't want to look like a toddler after an ice cream cone).

On to banging. WOOT! BANGING! After which, we had at least an hour of pillow talk and cuddling (AWWW--cuddling!) he told me how much he liked to cuddle. And that he was a bear.

On to last night. Now I had the surprise for him. He'd mentioned a fondness for black lace once when we were fooling around. OF COURSE--I had a little number in my two drawers of underwear. YUP--I have LOTS of underwear. I buy more underwear than anything else for myself. My favorite store is Victoria's Secret. Hands down.

I'd also told him about a little number I wore to work for dress-up day... The big-wigs were coming. I let loose about a pair of tight pants... When I did I heard a groan. So I wore those for him. Underneath was the black-lace cami and panties set. Because it was chilly--I wore my tight Emily hoodie... Clad with cat ears!

We watched one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE movies... Bad Santa. My infant was awake for part of it. She hasn't exactly warmed up to him, yet. As I was holding her close to my bossom--she did nothing but STARE at him. Almost as if to say, "You're not my daddy! What are you going to do to my mommy?" When she fell asleep there, I still wanted to hold her. She's chunky--with those cutsy little rosy baby cheeks--I gave her tender little kisses. FWB was eager for me to put her in her bassinette--GEE... I wonder why? After which we fooled around some.

But the dirty sneak! He felt around under my shirt! He knew my surprise! I hadn't even noticed, he was so sneaky!

I led him to the back and said, "After you." Big smiles on his face! He happily bounced backward onto my bed--I did a slight hint of strip tease to show off my lingerie. This number does treat me well.

We made out for a long time. He didn't want to take it off of me! He said that he appreciated my wanting to turn him on or something.

Then there was a hint of roughness. The conversation turned... See--when a guy's aggressive with me--I want to accentuate it. I asked him if he'd like me to talk dirty (some don't, I wasn't sure). He was afraid of how long he'd last... But of course he wanted me to.

He went down on me... I wanted to suck on something--so I lovingly took in his excedingly long index finger to my mouth. It must've been quite a sight--because he became almost jovial in his pursuits.

As the nailing started, I told him every reason why I liked sex. The sounds, sights, smells--everything. I loved the little noises he made when I was explaining it.

I tried to hold back my glee of it, "It's not going to work--I can tell you enjoy it..." To him I say at this moment, as in, when I'm typing this--Look, although not a "marathon man" you are hardly a "minute man." Your use of foreplay is ideal. It matters not to me if the meat and potatoes aspect doesn't go for very long. I love it all.

If there is no foreplay AND the actual act of intercourse is too short--then it gets pathetic. You are NOT pathetic. You do FAR MORE than placate my needs. MY expectations in this arrangement have been exceded.

However--the conversation afterward DID arise my suspicions--in learning that my friend has a higher IQ than I (DAMN IT THAT'S SO HOT! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW TURNED ON I WAS WHEN HE TOLD ME HE'D FOUND HIS RESULTS, TOO! Fifty points shy of Einstein--for those of you that didn't know, Einstein was CRAZY genious... Off the charts!), I knew there was no way some of the things said should be ignored. Little things. Things I'm sre others would miss.

It almost seemed as though he WANTED me to grow "love-blinders." I knew he was smart. I could tell by his answers; always correct. No way could the average man stumble upon these answers--he wouldn't know how to put them into words!

From our talk last night--with naked cuddling--I truly gathered that he was VERY smitten with me. I must admit I got a little pissed about his "fear-of-daddy-hood."

When I told my ex about it today, he said: "He wouldn't be the daddy. Babysitter sometimes maybe; but I doubt that, even. They're with me way more than they are with you." This is true. HE watches them during the day--and he also likes to have them overnight pretty much whenever he doesn't work unless there's a huge party at his house.

So--bite the bullet, friend. I KNOW you're crazy about me. I'm crazy about you. We're smart people--we could make something work. I'm not looking for a new daddyfor the kids--and neither is anybody else. I see nothing wrong with a slight elevation of status, here.

FWB means that we can fuck other people. A couple means we promise that we won't. I know that you haven't been seeing others... Do you really want me to? As long as you're solely FWB, I WILL continue to sleep with the ex. No, it hasn't stopped completely. It has definitely been stemmed--but not ruled out entirely. Wouldn't you like my sexual focus to be based solely on you?

Coupledom doesn't ensure marriage, either. You seem to forget that.


You wouldn't. You know you wouldn't. C'mon! C'MON!


rm_aranayd 47M
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9/10/2006 4:23 pm

It seemed obvious to me that you were feeling something special for him, despite your denials. He has had you buzzing for weeks. I hope for your sake (and his) that he accepts.

twirly_girl 48F

9/10/2006 8:14 pm

Good luck, Emily!

Being a couple has its many benefits.
All of which I think you seem to want.


IsThisBetter4u 107M

9/10/2006 9:05 pm

Can I call 'em or what? I knew this one was escalating. I just knew it. Go for it! Sounds like a good match to me.

But don't forget your therapy! And bring the black lacey and tight pants. I got the blindfold and candles. Hmmmmm Does "not sleeping with anyone else but the ex mean that we can't play with the wax? Or would that be more than you could handle?

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