Saw him, again--  

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7/18/2006 7:46 pm
Saw him, again--

I'm not sure why. I think I really dug the idea of the ex watching the kids solely so I could get some. Not the jerky one... The one before him. He happened to call at just the perfect time. I made an excuse about seeing my friend... And off the Jordan, I drove (Not the country).

I decided to put on a rather dark shade of red lipstick. I did this not only to accentuate my paleness (I look good pale, it's weird), but the stuff tastes like chocolate... And I'm fun like that.

I think the reason I think he's really cool is because he gets so nervous around me and jittery--he treats me like I'm cutest thing, ever! Even when we speak on the phone, he gushes about how sexy my voice is (and I think no--go on!)

He loves oral (my fav) and likes to start off with it. He's very good at it. I even like to watch him do it to me. (HOT)

This time, I wanted to show him some of MY little moouth tricks, so I flipped him over (merely guided--he just knew I wanted him to flip over, he's VERY strong).

And I started my little teasing jive and then--OH NO--he went soft! So then I'm thinking, "WHY THE F*CK DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME?!?!?!?!"

I tell him to calm down, ask him if anything's wrong. He says, "I have NO IDEA what the problem is."

So we just kissed forever until he felt ready--I made it a point not to miss areas I figure other girls do: earlobes, nipples, and that side of the belly that feels oh-so-good when explored.

Then he was able. Tossed me on the bed where he wanted me to be (love to be tossed!)

He picked up my legs and began to take me while he was in a knelt position.

His torso was the perfect length so the tops of my feet could brush into his hair and wrap around his head.

And just when it was getting good... There goes my dirty, dirty mouth (mother would cringe, I'm sure). I was having trouble deciding what better to look at--his face, and the absolutely gorgeous mannerisms of ecstacy he was giving off; or look down and watch him continuously thrusting in and out with all his might? I couldn't pick! I just kept switching where my eyes wandered.

But there he had to go and splurge a little to soon... AGAIN!!! DAMNIT!!! I told him about how much I greatly enjoyed marathons. He said that he liked them, too--but he couldn't help it because I felt so good (awww, shucks).

But I wasn't done--and I DO like to finish. Since he likes to watch gals masterbate... He did (for about two seconds). He had to help. I certainly didn't care that he wanted to help! Because he knows just where the "g" is, I got a great finger-job. He got a mess on his hands.

*Giggles* I'm so wrong!

So, then--I had to brush my hair (it was in a bit of a bird's nest--JBF'd hair). I got it to look just as it did before I arrived. I noticed that I looked really cute; something I remembered my ex always said about me after sex.

It wasn't until I made it home that I realized--GASP--I didn't put the lipstick back on!!! The ex looked really sad. Like, immeasurably sad. I felt like a huge bitch.

Then I remembered that he had profiles on this site and while I was unsuspecting and his FIANCEE! Then I felt pretty damn good (because I'm just a little naughty).

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