Phone fantasies...  

rm_loneremily 34F
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7/21/2006 8:17 am
Phone fantasies...

Oh, my many minions (lol), erotic chat again.

See... Chatting with #2 fav AdultFriendFinder guy (all is fine) about normal stuff--and for some reason I felt the twinge in my nether regions.

Told him the "shit-chat" (a typo I decide I will actually use from now on) was getting boring--

Welp--he was having fun with someone, already. so I had to wait for the goods (uncool--you KNOW I'm selfish in this department).

I thought it would be an invigorating experience to hear a couple during ecstacy (never had, before).

All systems go!

They kept talking about the lovely bullet (for those of you that don't know... It's a tiny vibrator--I think for travel-- that's kind of shaped like a bullet), and the various places his lover was making use of it--and I had to get my own.

Unfortunately--when I'm intently listening--I don't say much. It seemed whenever I did I'd interrupt what HE had to say (which was far better every time).

The continuous updates of the goings-on... The moans and words... Priceless to say the least. Far more enjoyable than I imagined it to be.

As this was going on--I was switching up the places for my toy to go... A little here, there; everywhere!

They finished before I did--he even had the common courtesy to help me out (thank you, kind friend).

Seeing as I knew what they looked like, and they had sexy voices, finishing didn't take long.

A new experience. Exactly what I'm on here for.

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