A meet and greet?  

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6/29/2006 10:54 am

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A meet and greet?

At first I thought this code for orgy (something I'd always wanted to try--but too chicken-shit to set up). Then, I learned that is was what it sounded like it was (and there's free booze, sweet). So--you go... And there are other people that are kinky, too... And then if you like someone, you get the info right there.
THAT way, there's no surprises when you drive halfway across the world to learn someone's missing teeth... And the ones that are there are partially black (yes, this actually happened to me).
Sounds like fun--and don't bother to ask where it is--I'm not at liberty to say!

I thought a lot about exactly what I'm looking for. I realized what it was: a gentlemen to seduce all of my senses.
Sure: I want to have all kinds of different sexual experiences, it's true. But I REALLY want that casanova we've all heard so much about. Good looking, smart, funny... This man would take me out to a fine restaurant--hopefully purchasing a nice wine for us (and I know what good wine tastes like).
See--my ex had/has a lot of good lover qualities--I'd like the "casanova" to have the same. Must be attractive to me--this doesn't mean Viggo Mortensen (not that I'd ever turn Viggo away) but if the belly's so big I'd never find the goods, and the teeth have seen meth OR have never seen a dentist; here's one that guys will never understand--you don't know what my dad looks like--I'm NOT putting his pic up here--If I think you look even REMOTELY like my dad... No way. It won't work. What's the scary part? MANY that have contacted me have looked like my dad. Gross.

But, yeah, casanova. The one to "teach" me. The one that I know damn well I could never keep forever--but I also know that if I had him, forever, he'd lose his splendor. Spoil me rotten for maybe a few months or so--and then just goes away. I'm back to my normal old life.
That's a fantasy!

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