first time joining a was...  

rm_localguy1966 51M
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8/9/2005 10:34 am

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10/4/2009 1:57 pm

first time joining a was...

How can i describe it...hmmmm...well it started off by talking over the phone...meeting someone new and perhaps having sex can be scarry and exciting at the same time!! He was really cool and just a nice person to talk too, that makes it so relaxing.

Well here goes, we decided to meet close, very close to a golf course at 8pm. When i pulled up to his car, she wasn't anywhere to be seen my first thought was she backed out...bummers...but as i got out of my car and approched him he said "shes all ready on the course, waiting for us". My heart started to pound in anticipation for it was no turning back. Just a short walk and there she was waiting on a i approched her he took a seat by her side and i introduced myself to her. I could see just enough as my eyes had already adjusted to the darkness. She had on a white tanktop that out lined her breasts and a cute shorts. As he started to rub her left breast pulling down her tank top i just started on her right side...the sight and moment was such a turn on...two sexy men giving a sexy girl pleasure and hearing her moan with desire was soooo erotic!!!!I then pulled her shorts off to expose her already dripping i started to lick her she was sucking her husband...after a while he stated to me that she wants to feel me cumming in her...i positioned myself and as he asked if she wanted my cock she said yes...i started to insert my 8 inches into her ever so slowly...and soon i was pumping her now dripping pussy...she came soon after with her husband next to her sucking on her cumming she procceded to lick and suck my cock while i lied on my back, her facing me with her ass up...the husband positioned himself behind her and i knew what she was going to the sounds of her moaning getting loader and loader i knew she was enjoying it...sucking on a cock and getting it from behind was such a great sight...just seeing this sexy girl having the ultimate pleasure by two men was such a turn on!!!!He pulled out of her and asked her if she wanted to ride my big cock and she softly said "yes", she mounted my now trobbing cock that had cum just about 10 minutes ago...her sucking and the sight of her getting it from behind was enough for me to get hard again!!!She started to pump up and down until she came again!!! She then laied on her back and i again entered her from untop and came in her a second time bringing her to...i think...fourth climax!!!! can i say...thank you for having me join both of you,the experience was soooo erotic!!!!!!

People think that guys like having two girls at one time but for me i would rather join a couple...the experence of now seeing and feeling a girl getting pure pleasure is such a erotic us men can be selfish in the bedroom but if you have two men and a girl than it's hard not to focus on her!!!!For if you please her than it's all good...well take care out there and hope you find nice,fun people to play with...just remember be honest...and if it feels good and it dosen't hurt anyone than go for it,for life is so short to let it pass by without experiencing the pleasures it has to offer...and thank you again out there,as you know who you are,seeya

Philosophy_N_Sex 50M/48F

8/9/2005 12:10 pm


As a couple have to say yes MFM is very very hot! We prefer it! SHe is the focus, and watching her is too much!

cafecito777 45M

8/9/2005 12:50 pm

Awesome story! I am glad the experience was a positive one for you. That is exactly what I'm looking to experience myself.

jade4081 56F

8/9/2005 6:37 pm

omg...just reading this and I could feel the excitement welling up inside of me...what an experience...can't wait!!

TasteofHoney37 51F
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11/3/2005 7:59 pm

very hot story..... gives a hole new meaning the game of golf! lol

Hotdancer4play 59M/49F

3/6/2006 1:23 pm

sounds like your not pushy at all. Even maybe cute...I'll see if I can coax my lady into a chance meeting with you one day soon.
Meet for "opportunty" ie: cocktails..she likes innocent looking nice guys. Inshape, polite and cute. If she's comfortable with you..then mabey move to your place or our room after we expose the fact you offer rubdowns..she'll do most anything for a rub..she loves foot and neck rubs so that is a way in..

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