Fun...erotic...just a GOOD TIME!!!  

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2/23/2006 2:44 pm

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Fun...erotic...just a GOOD TIME!!!

Aloha again...well it's being awhile since my last post...met a really sexy girl...she's married but kinda just looking for a fun time!!

We met at the mall...raining...soooo good!! Parked and just talked for awhile...sitting in the car...laughing...talking...and soon playing around...she was very pleasent to look at and had a great body!! She was also very interested in my personality and looks as i do think i'm kinda sexy and that dosen't think his all that but a nice guy...i don't come off as arrogent but confident...and very nautie...

Well it was such a fun time we decided to meet the next a hotel room...and when we entered the room we just started to kiss...seems shes not to experienced in sex...thats totally fine to help her get more soon as she saw my cock...which by the way she saw the day before...and she said she was getting a hard time sleeping that night!! Well she commented again that it's soooo big...7 1/2 inches but kinda thick...and fully shaved!! She had this smile as she started to suck my cock...and for a girl that didn't know too much about sex, she did a great job...i soon had her on the bed and procceded to lick her sweet pussy as she moaned softly!! As i moved up her body kissing her sides,stomach ever so gently and when i reached her neck and ear she reached down with her hand and guided me into her!!

Being that she wasen't to experienced...i started to insert my massive cock every so slowly...first and inch...and out...two inches and out...three inches and out...then sliding my whole cock into her as she let out a shallow moan!!...was she tight!! as she wrapped her legs around my legs and grabbed my ass i procceded to slowly pump her pussy!! This lasted for about 15 mins...i then turned her over and placed three pillows under her stomach as i was getting ready to enter her doggie my cock entered her she grabbed the sheets with both hands while her moans were being absorbed by the bed...i pumped her pussy for a few mins but she couldn't take my full length!! she kept trying to move foward and i grabbed her hips and just pulled her to meeee sinking my full cock into her!!

I then moved unto my back as she got untop of me guiding my cock into her...again she couldn't take it all...falling unto me as she pumped my cock!! This lasted for about another 10 now i was fucking her for a full 40 mins...just pumping her!! As she then layed back on her back i lied on my side and lifted her legs and started to fuck her slowly while i played with her nipples...pinching and rolling it between my she came!!!!!!!!

We did move in to various positions as i have this ablity of just not cumming and being able to maintain an erection for over 2 hours!! She kept saying how strong i was and i now know what she meant!! I ended up comming with her on the table her legs propped up and me standing at the end...this allowed my full cock to work her i fucked her very slowly until i knew she could take it all in...this position allows the man to pull all the way out and put it in all the way getting the full effect of the cock!!

Well hope you all are having fun as there are so many fakes out there...take care and have fun!!

rm_sassy4u72 45M/45F

6/25/2006 10:04 pm

was this a fantasy or what????

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