i could not control myself  

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5/27/2005 2:44 pm

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i could not control myself

I met her in a public place like they tell you to do (just in case) might of been a (i was hoping).We had a couple of drinks and back to hers.My cock was so hard and that was before the door was closed."Right up stairs then and lets get this under way"she said with such a manor i nearly went limp with fright.
If there was a olympic sport for getting undress she would have won gold,"lick my pussy untill i tell you to stop,then finger me whilst sucking my nipples,When and only when im ready for full penertative sex i will tell you".I seemed to be licking and sucking her pussy for hours she came twice!, nearly drowned me boy what a sweet taste.
"ok she said now suck my nipples and finger me"
I could not control myself and just started to rub my cock against her wet pussy lips,"I said finger first not cock" I was playing deaf as i slipped my cock into her pussy "mmmmmmmm i suppose that will have to do for now but i still want your fingers later".Thank you AdultFriendFinder another great night of oral and full on sex.

P.S and a good fingering to.

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