Hit it from the Back  

rm_liljay305 45M
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7/17/2006 6:24 pm
Hit it from the Back

Baby this Jay Real.I have been thinking About a deep sex subject. Doggystyle. I know we all love doggystyle. I have perfected the art of doggystyle. I like to have a woman slip down her pants nice and slow. Keep her socks on and bend over the bed with her ass up. I get me a pint of gin cause it keeps the dick hard drink it pour a little on the ass and lick it just a little.This will get you aroused and ready for the dick.I give a little gin to my mate to relax their pussy walls.I pull my dick out and slap it on the ass for a few min..I then grab your butt cheecks sread them and rub my dick on the pussy to get you wet. after about ten min. i slide it in slow hold my dick and play with the coochie in and out just a little .You moan a little twirl thaat ass and then it's time to go deeper.when them walls start to stretch i grip that ass real tight and stroke firm and long for about 20min. When it's nice and wet I stuff the rest off it in the pussy and grind it till my hips hit and rub the back of that ass. Continue this for about 45min until an hour and get bomb satisfaction from the Doggystyle. >>!

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