Making the Grade Part IV  

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9/2/2005 8:33 am

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Making the Grade Part IV

The finale part of Teri’s evening was a “planned” event. Teri had spoken to Ms. Stone several days prior and asked her what she needed to do to improve her grade. Her answer was very clear and told Teri to be at her house Friday evening. Heading toward Ms. Stone’s house, she felt herself getting excited at the thought of what would happen when she got there. When she arrived, Teri went to knock on the door but Ms. Stone was waiting for her. Opening the door in her robe, the women exchanged smiles and hellos and Teri entered the house. She walked into the living room area and turned to face Ms. Stone. She was met with a very passionate kiss. Savoring each other, the two clung to each other, exploring the other’s body and turning each other on tremendously. Breaking from the embrace, Teri asked if she could use the bathroom to freshen up.
“I expected you to ask that. I ran you a bubble bath. Mind if I join you?” Ms. Stone asked.
“I would love for you to join me, Ms. Stone” replied Teri.
“Call me Alex” she replied.
Bending down to grab her bag, Teri followed Alex to the bathroom.

Closing the door to the bathroom, Alex turned to Teri, opening her robe, fully nude underneath and letting it fall to the floor, she began to help Teri undress. Pulling her shirt up over her head, Alex reached behind Teri to unhook her bra. She bent her head down and used her tongue to trace the nipple of her left breast. It hardened and she sucked it into her mouth. Teri moaned and felt a chill through her entire body. Alex turned her attention to the right breast, sucking gently on it until it became erect in her mouth. Releasing it, Alex helped Teri out of the rest of her clothes. She stepped into the tub and held her hand out to help Teri in. Alex sat down and Teri sat between her legs. Alex began caressing Teri’s neck and back, planting soft kisses on her neck. Teri ran her hands up and down Alex’s legs. Gently pulling her back against her, Alex cupped both of Teri’s ample tits in each hand. Pinching the nipples, Alex planted kisses on Teri’s face and neck.
“That feels so good,” Teri murmured.
“Ummmm….you have a beautiful body….why don’t you stand up for me?” Alex said in a husky voice. Teri did what she asked. Standing up and turning to face her, Alex gently raised Teri’s leg and placed her foot on the edge of the tub. Leaning forward and putting her hands on the wall, Teri opened herself up to Alex’s eagerly awaiting mouth and tongue. Alex raised up on her knees, using her fingers she spread Teri’s pussy lips apart and flicked her tongue against her rapidly swelling clitoris. Teri’s natural reaction was to move her hips back and forth so all Alex had to do was lick and suck.
“Oh yeah” Teri panted, “right there….just like that….suck my clit….tongue my hole….I’m getting so wet.” With this encouragement, Alex reached up and slid two fingers deep into Teri’s cunt and sucked her clit deep into her mouth. This made Teri cry out with pleasure. She began to move her hips faster, grinding her cunt into Alex’s mouth and fingers. The faster Teri humped her mouth, the harder Alex finger fucked and sucked her sweet young pussy.
“You’re gonna make me cum,” Teri exclaimed. This excited Alex even more and she increased her efforts. Teri’s moans got louder and finally she went over the edge. Alex felt Teri’s body tremble, her mouth filled with the sweetness of her climax and Teri’s pussy convulsed as she came. When the intensity began to decreased, Teri felt like she would collapse. It was a major turn on for Teri to have her female teacher, on her knees in front of her, eating her pussy until she came. It made the orgasm incredibly intense. Lowering her foot and squatting down, Teri kissed Alex deeply, tasting her own juices. She stood up and held her hand out to Alex. Helping her stand, the two got out of the tub and headed back to the living room. Teri led her to the couch.
“I want you to kneel on the couch with your back facing me,” Teri requested. Doing just that, Teri retrieved her bag. She had brought a few toys to play with. She dug out a flesh colored dildo. She got on her knees behind Alex and began rubbing the head of the rubber cock up and down Alex’s slit. Alex turned her head so she could watch and stuck her ass further up in the air to allow Teri full access to pleasing her. Using lube, Teri slicked up the toy, a eight inch long dildo that was as thick as the bottom of a coke bottle. Pushing gently, Teri worked it into Alex’s pussy. Slowly at first, using short strokes, she buried in all the way in. As she fucked Alex from behind, Teri started tonguing her asshole.
“Fuck yeah….fuck my cunt….tongue my ass….faster….harder….fuck it hard”, Alex was nearly screaming. Following orders, Teri rammed the eight incher fast and hard into her sopping wet tunnel. She continued to use her tongue on Alex’s asshole. Teri kept up the pace until she thought Alex would explode. Pulling it out of her pussy, Teri reached back into the bag and got the harness that went with it. Putting the strap on together, Teri stepped into it and snapped it into place.
“Are you going to fuck me?” questioned Alex in an almost pleading tone.
“Like no one has ever fucked you before,” was Teri’s answered. Alex could only moan. Teri pulled out an anal plug from the bag and lubed it up. She positioned the head of her new cock at the opening of Alex’s pussy hole. Putting it in and using slow, steady strokes at first. She then gently inserted the anal plug into her ass. Working it at the same pace, Teri fucked both holes with equal speed.
“Deeper….fuck me deeper,” begged Alex.
Teri obliged by thrusting the cock in all the way and burying the probe in her ass. This excited both women immensely. Teri loved wearing a strap on and taking a woman from behind. It gave her a sense of power and she loved the pleasure she gave to the other woman. She stopped thrusting the cock in and out and worked on Alex’s ass for a bit. Sliding the probe in and out, deep and hard. Alex was rocking back and forth, fucking the dildo, becoming louder and louder.
“Does that feel good….do you like being double banged….are you getting close to cumming?” Teri loved to talk while banging.
“I’m almost there….fuck my cunt and I’ll cum for you” Alex growled.
Teri pulled the plug out and grabbed Alex’s hips. She fucked her hard and fast, pounding Alex’s pussy until she erupted in orgasm. Bucking with equal intensity, Alex screamed as she peaked. Teri kept fucking until she felt Alex go limp. Slowly she slid the cock out of her dripping pussy and Alex turned and sat, coming face to face with the tool used to bring her to the edge of heaven.
“Suck it!” demanded Teri. Alex took it into her mouth and sucked it like she was told. Teri put her hands on the back of her head and fucked her mouth like the way she fucked her pussy. Licking all of her cum off of the rod, Alex leaned back on the couch and sighed with satisfaction.
“My turn,” said Teri with a sly little grin. Alex smiled.
“Ready when you are, you hot little bitch,” Alex replied playfully.
Both ladies walked over to the recliner.

dano6332 57M

9/2/2005 9:41 am

Your an unbelievable word smith. I will say I was thrilled and highly aroused by your imagination and writing style and wish just once in my life I would recieve a birthday present like Joe. Thank you and keep up the great work (I see a sideline here writing for forum) xo

lookin4unow23 60M

9/2/2005 10:34 am

Wow!!! ever make it to Syracuse???

Plano69 55M

9/2/2005 11:41 am

OMG! I'm diving in! LOL! Phew! I need a cigarette...

rm_pchamp012004 56M
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9/2/2005 11:47 am

How am I supposed to work with this hard-on?

rm_fierysex 52M/55F

9/8/2005 8:24 am

WOW!!!!I have just read the teacher trilogy and was it hot. Actually I read your entire blog and am impressed. I will be sure to follow the stories I'm sure are upcoming. Please keep writing.

NvrEnfQuivrnSex 55M/49F
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9/13/2005 1:24 pm

I (the misses) just read the last part of the teacher trilogy........... WOW. You are an awsome writer and an excellent fantasy. If I were you I would submit that to someone like penthouse. To be honest with you I would love to be able to do something like that in real life. mmmmmmmmm Can't wait to read more, they are so hot............

shortcut03 36M

9/20/2005 10:15 pm

You are a wonderful writer. I really like your stories. Is there any way you would want to live out one of your stories? instead of just making up a story would you like to write about something that you have actually done?

rm_tublu1234 37M
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10/2/2005 9:20 am

You are truly awesome. Can't wait for your next story.

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