Love In An Elevator  

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Love In An Elevator

Love In An Elevator

Anyone who travels knows that it can be very mind-numbing. Always in a car or on a plane. Every hotel starts to resemble the last one you stayed in. It’s the same routine upon arrival too.
Find the hotel, pull up to the entrance, just until you get your room to make sure you park close enough to it so you’re not dragging your bags all over the lobby and hallways. Check in; get your room card and directions to the closest available parking. Park the rental car, grab your bag, and find your room and get settled in for the three or four days that you’ll call this place “home”. As I said before, mind-numbing is the best way I know how to describe the ritual.
One thing that is a staple in any hotel is the lounge. Every hotel, motel and inn at least has a “watering hole”. Thank goodness.

When I checked in, the front desk clerk told me that they were having a live band in the lounge tonight and that generally draws a pretty large crowd. Sounded like fun. What else was there to do, sleep? I was glad I remembered to pack an outfit for just such an occasion. My lucky dress. Short, red, tight in all the right places and just low-cut enough to make me get noticed as I entered the room.

I jumped into the shower to wash the “travel dirt” from my body. Got out and toweled off. Got into my bag that contained my lingerie and retrieved my silky, red thong underwear. I decided to go braless this evening so I slid into my dress, dried my hair, applied a little make-up and slid into my red, satin six inch heels. I was feeling very sexy and ready to have a good time. I deserved it after all the hard work I had put into this project over the last month. Grabbing my room card and my little black clutch purse, I made my way out of my room and down to the elevator. Glancing at my watch, I noticed it was 9:00pm. Still very early by partying standards but hopefully I can get a good seat and have a drink before it gets really crowded.

The elevator reached the lobby and as soon as the doors opened, I heard music playing and people talking. I entered the lounge and glanced around the room. There was a long, wooden bar lining one wall, high, round tables with barstools, a stage and a pretty good size dance floor. The place is beginning to fill up so I grab a table in the corner off of the dance floor and near the stage so I can watch the band.

A tall, blond waitress comes over to take my drink order and offers me a menu. I’m not hungry but I take the menu anyways and order a beer and a shot of tequila. I need to relax and tequila always puts me in the right frame of mind. As I wait for my drink, I survey the crowd. There is a wide age group present. Twenty-something’s in their short skirts and halter tops, some in their thirty’s mostly couples in that age group and a few older people all looking to have a good time.

The waitress brings me my drinks and asks if I want to order any food. I decline but tell her maybe later before I leave. She smiles and says to just let her know and walks away to greet another table. I lick my wrist and pour salt on it, grab my shot, lick the salt off of my wrist, shoot the tequila and shove a large wedge of lime into my mouth. As I’m sucking the juices out of the lime, I can’t help but notice this absolutely stunning redhead who enters the lounge. She’s about 5’9 120 lbs, gorgeous red hair that hangs down to her waist, perfect breast and an ass that would stop traffic. It took me a moment to regain my composure and realize I still had the lime in my teeth. I spit it out and took a swig of my beer. I glanced around and noticed almost every person in the bar, male and female, young and old, staring at her as I had. She walked up to the bar and leaned forward to talk to the bartender. She was wearing a short, black pleated skirt and a white button down belly shirt. She was wearing black stiletto heels and I could see the top of her thigh high stockings when she leaned forward.

The bartender walked away presumably to get her drink and she turned around to look at the scene. Scanning the crowd, her eyes came to rest on my table. She turned around to get her drink and pay for it, and then headed in the direction of my table. I felt my pulse quicken and my palms get moist. The closer she got, the more nervous I felt. When she finally reached my table, she asked if I were alone or expecting someone. I told her I was alone and she asked if she could join me. Of course I said yes and she sat in the chair next to mine. Once she got that close to me, I could see just how incredible beautiful she was. She had big, green eyes, high cheek bones and lips so full they reminded me of Angelina Jolie. She asked me if I would like another drink and I said I would take another shot of tequila. She waved at the waitress and ordered us both a shot. Turning to me, she asked me my name.
“Desiree”, I told her, “and yours?”
“Monica”, she replied.
We proceeded to get to know each other by asking general questions like where are you from, what do you do, are you married. Your typical “get to know you” questions. She was very articulate and came across as very confident in herself. I have always found that attractive in a person, male or female. Self confidence shows a strong sensuality in my book. The waitress brought us our drinks and we did them together and then continued to get to know one another. The band was on a break and the music switched to hip hop dance style so I asked her if she danced and she excitedly said she loves to dance. So off we went to shake our stuff on the dance floor. As we danced, I noticed we had almost all eyes on us. She was a very good dancer and seemed to thoroughly enjoy the music. When it ended we headed back to the table where I order us both another shot and beers. Losing track of our alcohol consumption due to our complete enjoyment of each others company, I began to feel the effect that the alcohol was having on me. I could tell she was feeling no pain either. Suddenly we both feel silent as if we had run out of things to talk about. Leaning close to me, she asked me if I would like to grab a six pack and go up to her room where it was a little more private and quiet. I said sure and motioned to the waitress, asking for a six pack and our bill. While we waited for our order, Monica leaned close to me and put her hand on my bare thigh. This sent shivers up my spine and a tingling feeling in my more private regions. She smiled at me and winked, removing her hand just as the waitress came back to close us out. I paid the bill and Monica grabbed the beer and we both got up and headed toward the elevator. Standing there waiting for the elevator to arrive, I glanced over at her and caught her staring at me. Smiling at each other, I had a feeling we were on the same page.

The elevator doors opened and we got into an empty cart. She pushed the button for the eleventh floor and the doors closed. As we started our ascent, Monica placed the beer on the floor, reached over and pushed the stop button. We were between floors five and six. She then turned to me, putting her arms around my neck, began to kiss me. Those soft, full lips enveloped mine. Her tongue darted in and out of my mouth, pausing occasionally to run her tongue across my lips and teeth. The kiss was so sensual and passionate that it took my breath away. I could feel myself getting wet just from feeling her lips on mine. I started running my hands up and down her body. Circling to the back, I gently cupped her ass cheeks, one in each hand. Caressing them, I heard her moan and the kiss deepened. Her hands had left my shoulders and were firmly caressing my breasts. I knew there was a reason I had decided not to wear a bra. Using her thumb and forefinger, Monica softly pinched and encircled my nipples, causing both to stand at attention. She lowered her mouth to my throat, nibbling and kissing every inch of it while continuing to pay attention to my now very erect nipples. I felt my knees going weak and didn’t know how much more I could take of this teasing. She hooked her fingers into the neckline of my dress and pulled it over to one side just enough to expose my breast. Using her tongue, she slowly traced circles around my nipple. After a few strokes, she sucked the entire nipple into her mouth and continued to use her tongue to tease it. I was gasping out loud and knew that if this continued I would cum right there in the elevator. Not wanting to neglect the other nipple, she pulled that side up and moved over to the other one, using the same technique as before. I felt her hand slide across my stomach and reach under my dress. Using only her middle finger, Monica gently stroked my very hot, wet pussy through my panties while sucking on my nipple. Maneuvering her finger around my panties, I felt her finger slide in between the lips of my pussy and begin to rub my clit. I knew that this was going to be what sent me over the edge. I spread my legs a little further apart so she could have full access to me. She expertly stroked my pussy, sliding her finger in ever so often just enough to take my breath away. Monica lifted her head and tucked me back into my dress, plunging her fingers into me one last time before adjusting my panties and straightening out my dress. Looking at me, she placed the fingers that she had used to play with my cunt into her mouth and sucked all the juices off, moaning with pleasure at the taste. Leaning over to push the button to restart the elevator, she kissed me lightly and whispered,
“If you liked that, just wait until I get you alone in my room.”
I shivered in anticipation.

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