Some Info for you....  

rm_libraangel32 44F
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7/6/2006 5:24 am
Some Info for you....

Ok, I figure I'll tell you all about my lover that I keep talking about. As you all know I am married, so my husband knows nothing of these things I have been doing. My lover is also married but he is in an open marriage so his wife not only knows, but doesn't care, and as a matter of fact I met her once. This just seems perfect to me. Soon I will be leaving my husband (my marriage has not been good for a long time and it isn't because i didn't try, I only started cheating 7 months ago). Here is what seems like the perfect life to me:to be living alone without someone bitching and complaining about everything I do and not being accused of things all the time, to be able to worship how I really believe and to be able to have my books out with worrying what will be said if those books are seen, and to have a lover that can come over at least twice a week and stay the night once a week and then can be sent home for soemone else to deal with. Someone I can do other things with but not have to deal with day in and day out. This is what seems like the perfect life to me. It might be possible that I have found the right man for teh job of my lover as well as a friend with the added benefit of not haveing to deal with him everyday and being able to send him home to his wife when I don't want him around. We do seem to have a lot in common, and we are trying to plan on doing some other things besides sex everytime we meet (although that is a lot of fun too). Time will tell, and I shall keep you all updated.


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