and its the suns by.......a SHITLOAD  

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5/30/2006 9:38 pm
and its the suns by.......a SHITLOAD

hello community
well, remember when i said yesterday that i may have to rethink what i said about this all being bullshit? well i am man enough to admit it....i was wrong
this is both good and bad, bad because my profile will be updated to show that i am open to making friends on here.....but i am not activly searching to date anyone other than the woman i am now interested in.
it started out well and continued to grow and get better as the night went on. first there was dinner, oh our poor waiter, man had to endure us for several hours as we sat there and talked and laughed and smiled at each other and all he could do was bring me refills of dr pepper and bring her the current score of the mavs-suns game. as it neared closing time i knew she had to work tommorow but....i just could not face going home that early, i needed more.....more of that charm, more of that fast whit, just more in general
so as i sat there mesmerised by her eyes "wtf you staring at me for" lol....i utterd the words that made me tremble at the thought of rejection....wanna go someplace else?
since she is new to the area, she called a friend and found a sports bar close to her home...i wanted this because i did not want her to have far to off we go, her speeding down the highways saying to herself....does he like me?? do you think he is interested???.......with me on her tail at 60 mph you think she likes you....ya you dumbass your off to another place together...yeah your right i said to myself...this is cool.
as we entered the sports bar, i knew at once we were in for a lynching.....if you have never been to a home team sports bar and been 2 of the only 4 people there to be rooting for the opposing team you dont know what your missing
now as my darling match stated i would of walked away as i know zip about basketball....i was only guilty by association.
phoenix makes a beautiful 3 pointer with 6 min left in the 3rd quarter and BOOM i get his in my nose for a personal was an accident and we laughed like hell at it but i still wonder....when will i get to take my free throws
now, i am not gonna kiss and tell...i am not going to say that we even did more than hold hands....she was a perfect lady and thats all i need say, all in all the suns may have won the game tonight,.....but i was the real winner here tonight and i cant wait for game 2 of the series
g'night all and sweet dreams

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