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10/20/2005 2:46 pm

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Business in Canada

Well, not much sexual going on lately; I've been very busy with my business. It's an organic bakery, specializing in handmade naturally risen bread. We're doing another step in the business, upgrading electricity (yet again; it's a very old building) and preparing for soups, sandwiches, coffee, and tea. At the same time, the oven is on the fritz and I'm taking the motor for the fan apart numerous times and putting it back together in order to get it working properly again (a new one costs a small fortune). So, the daily chores are being neglected a bit as a result and the pressure is on to keep up with the business end of things as well. Will the business survive much longer? The mathamatics say, "No." Selling such "healthy" and "weird" product outside the city (without a million dollar marketing team behind me) is a really hard sell.

People poke and prod the loaves of bread; they've never seen a 'real' loaf of bread before, "Oh, it's really heavy" "Very firm loaf" "It's hard". Yes, that's true, but of course, it's soft, spongy, very flavourful, nutritious, filling, etc. on the inside.

The suburbs are filled with junkfoodaholics and trying to get the word of this business out to the public is proving to be difficult. Especially since most people go around with side-blinders on until they are bashed over the head. People living just around the corner are still stopping by, "Oh, how long have you been here?" Seven months. Seems our ads have been lost amongst the others; our flyers too, and no one looks right or left when driving by. Hm... it's a much more tricky than it seems. "Build it and they will come," is what I've been thinking. But the family 'farm' is just about done for... so hopefully those masses of people who come streaming in at the end of the film, just in the nick-of-time, start flooding through our door soon too.

Mathmatics (our accounting) says perhaps one more month until we're done for. We'll see...

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