The Ass of Spades  

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2/28/2005 6:35 am

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The Ass of Spades

This is from our latest CD. It's a Latin-style rocker.

The Ass of Spades was in the parade
that wound thru the city and out to the 'glades.
That would through the heart of this here fella,
like the story of a boy and his dog Ole Yeller.
Like the tale of the panther, unseen by night,
until it's way too late, and then you might
consider trading in the quads for a set of blades
to get some buns like the Ass of Spades.

The Ass of Spades was on promenade.
I saw my chance at a masquerade.
I told this girl that I was someone else.
Just in case she didn't like myself.
Turns out she was cool, she dug both of my scenes
so I got into her bloomers and she got inside my jeans.
We played kick the can and butt charades.
I earned my stripes with the Ass of Spades.

The Ass of Spades, the Butt of Trump.
Gonna get high in the saddle--do some hiney bumpin',
Don't you ever mistake me for Forest Gump!
Call me Ranger.
Ranger Rump.

The Ass of Spades is gonna get sauteed
en la mantequilla and then served buffet
style for the finest dude visitin' in the city.
Who proudly proclaimed every koobic inch pretty.
Of course I'll flatter, that's the quickest way
to get leverage, for me to sway.
You can't get around it. You cannot evade.
It beeps in reverse. The Ass of Spades.

It's my very favorite audio visual aid.
I've learned so much from the Ass of Spades.

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