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3/5/2005 8:26 pm

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Find Your Gr

My purpose is to discover and scout.
I've driven 90 hours to figure you out.
I know I'm close when you sit on my lap.
I'll visit your g spots--put 'em on a map.
I'll note which ways are west and south.
I'll put a star by your taint
and an arrow to your mouth.
When they start popping,
you'll know I proved
I'm on a mission to find your grüv.

I once was doubted, but then I parlayed
the dubious mindset into a crusade.
My personal vision. The ultimate quest.
I keep a few on hand so I can tear off your dress.
I won't do much that ain't been done before.
But my doing it will make it different for sure.
Menthol on your pussy really soothes.
Makes it easy for me to find your grüv.

I hope
you won't mind it.
It is your grüv,
but I'm gonna find it.

Pasa trebles, who's your friend?
Yes, of course, bring her over again.
Strip and scatter, flip and flop.
Under over sideways top.
Practice makes us really lucky.
Ain't it nice that we like to fucky?
When the makin's good, I'm makin' my move--
makin' time to find your grüv.

When it gets stiff, it starts to ooze.
I'll shoot for the moon when I find your grüv.

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