Does anyone ever remember their first dick-experience?  

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1/2/2006 11:58 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Does anyone ever remember their first dick-experience?

I for one do not.

I remember that the first stiff dick I saw after I ha my first period. It was John the neighbours kid.

The first dick I ever saw had to be my dads. Because nudity in the house was the way it was. And dad was the only one with a dick there. My mum and older sister had pussies like me

I remember seeing my mother blow dads dick once. In the bathroom on evening. I was going to pee but there they were, him naked and she in a lovely red dress blowing away. It took me a few seconds to grasp the situation and leave. I think I was 11. My mum later tried to convince me this was a natural thing for ladies. She tried to tell me that playing with "dads willie" was one of her favorite passtimes. Until then I had always thought that the stiff dicks were supposed to be in the pussy only.

Oh, I saw a number of limp dicks as a little girlie. I remember that. Not only my dads dick. We had a sauna in the house and mum and dad were both sauna-freaks inviting family, friends and strangers over to sauna nights. My sister and I were always welcome. And it was on sauna night I learned about stiff dicks fucking pussies. The grown-ups were never shy and they would just smile at sister and me and say that "one day you will be old enough". Well, they did not fuck much in the sauna. It was too hot. But stiff dicks in the sauna were always, and I mean always, fingered by someone. Either someone wanking themselves or others touching and wanking. There could be the occasional lapdance with a dick entering, but mostly they went for the showers for the real fuck.

The first sandwich I saw was my gran - my mum's mum - taking it from both front and back by two of dad's younger workmates. In the shower. I remember running back to dad and saying that his mate Ola did not wait for grannies pussy to be available, he had his dick up her poo-poo. And dad laughed and said gran always liked a dick there as well. And mum smiled and said some ladies liked it, but she never tried. So when gran and her two lovers returned to the sauna dad had a hard on and told her of my "report" on seeing her take a dick in the "poo-poo". Gran smiled and looked at dads dick and said it looked as if he was ready to try. So she asked her two boys to sit on the floor close to each other. Then she bent down and starting playing with their willies, getting them stiff again. And shi wriggled her bottom in the air. "Go for it" mum said and dad spread grans buttcheeks for me to see the hole. "I'll help him put it there" I heard my mum say, and so she took his dick in her hands and pulled it towards grans "poo-poo". I remember giggling as it sounded like gran was farting while he fucked her.

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