Feelin' All Kinds of Stupid  

rm_legslave66 38M
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9/7/2006 7:57 pm
Feelin' All Kinds of Stupid

It's called "buyer's remorse", my son.

Today, in an act of sheer, unbridled idiocy, I purchased Prince of Persia 3 for Gamecube.

It was cheap, it was available, and it was bought by my stupid ass.

And here I was, crying like a baby about my lack of funds and then I had to go and blow more money on a game I didn't need. I am the dumbest man alive.

Moving right along, no one has responded to my messages. Frankly, I could care less now.

I've got other fish to fry. I've got school, an art exhibit to go to tomorrow. A paper to write. A particular game mentioned in the beginning of this blog set for a refund. And I've gotta get back to my drawings.

I've also gotta set up my account at Deviant Art and save up for a yoga mat.

That is all, for now, at least.

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