Crisis Averted!!  

rm_legslave66 38M
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9/4/2006 1:37 am
Crisis Averted!!

I missed the party.

I spent the night at the cybercafe lookin' at all the pretty muscle girls such as Cindy here (to the left, y'all).

Out of frustration, I started shopping around for another dating site before coming to my fucking senses.

But shortly afterwards, instead of being tempted into another dating site, I was almost tempted (duped) into buying a membership for a MUSCLE GIRLY site. Such as HerBiceps Dot Com and Builtmore Dot Com. But lookit at that picture, man! Can you possibly blame me, I ask you?

Anyhow, I thank the Lord He opened my eyes. I managed to escape the fires unscathed and am still holding my credit card untouched.

Well, it's out of my wallet, but still untapped for cash! Talk about your close calls, eh? Hallelujah!!

In other news, I think I'm gonna go to Deviant Art Dot Com and start up another blog for specifically for my artwork.

Now that I've cut off the tubes, I will now be free to save up some cash for an account on Deviant and, perhaps, for a web host.

Girls, alas, may have to fall by the wayside. I'll continue my search for a goddess, but no more dating sites. I think I'll just use my blog from now on and leave the rest to luck and a prayer meanwhile.

I mean, let's see. I've just come up with another list of what I coulda done with my money:

I could save my money for gas, for a strip joint, a hitman, a brand new hatchet, some new DVDs. Or for tomorrow, I could go see Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest with my family.

Or, instead of baking my brains in front of this stupid screen, I could hang out with some of my fellow Juggaloes (Insane Clown Posse fans) or practice my drawings. Maybe create my dream girl through my pen. I could save my cash for a gym membership or more glucosamine pills for my poor aching shoulder.

I guess, in a way, missing the party was a good thing. I've begun to see just how much time I've wasted here.

I'm still bummed at my stupidity, but then, live'n'learn, I suppose. On the upside, at least I won't be coming home at 4:30 am like I normally do when I go clubbin'.

I'm gonna go get back to my life now. Maybe I'll go see that damn movie again tomorrow before it goes out.

Over And Out.

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