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Magic Penis Geek

Magic Penis Geek

My tastes tend to run to the broad shouldered, strong arms and big hands kind of man, but there are occasions when some witty young chap with dark eyes captures my attention. Greg was a computer technician, a small-framed city boy whose ass I’m sure I could have kicked, but I liked him. After a few weeks of chatting online ‒with him assuring me he could pleasure me- I invited him to my home and treated him to a homemade meal. We talked and flirted and gradually I started to think his ears kinda did fit his head and that maybe it wasn’t any big deal that he couldn’t beat me in an arm-wrestling match. Besides, he was going to run a virus scan and some other crap on my computer to clean it up for me…no charge of course!
It only took half a movies worth of sitting on the couch together for things to start to heat up. He was a very good kisser and I soon found myself allowing his soft lips to travel wherever they wanted to. We raced up the steps to my room half naked and then things really got hot. He teased me and reminded me of all the sexual things we’d chatted about, especially the part about rarely reaching orgasm with a cock inside me. I said I had learned to live with it and there were other things that made me climax. He was hard as a rock. Not his arms, or his legs, or his abs…but his cock. It wasn’t mammoth in proportions but it did have an interesting lil bend to it standing full mast in front of me. He moved me to the edge of the bed and put my legs up over his shoulders. When he entered me I shuddered. It was the good kind. The OMG I need to feel that again kind. I came. He stopped. I reached for him trying to get myself some more and when I noticed his face I could see his smile, that cocky I-told-you-so smile. Leaning forward he softly said, “What was that thing you told me…something about never being able to cum with a cock inside you, wasn’t it?”
“Normally no, no I don’t,” I confessed.
“And so…who’s the man?” he teased.
“Greg, Greg is the man, Greg god of my pussy…please give me more.”
With that he continued his quest of proving his manhood over and over…as I lay with the room spinning my limbs in quivering tremors of multiples. It seemed I came with each stroke of his magic penis. The “geek” took my breath away.
The next morning found me satisfied and appreciative. He kissed me good-bye and headed off to the wedding he had promised to attend saying we’d talk the next day.
We didn’t talk or chat the next day. He disappeared. He didn’t answer my emails or my instant messages so in a couple days I just gave up. Seemed to me the wimpy city boy had made his point and was happy at that. I was left wanting. Damn I hate that.
Two years later Greg finds me in a chat room and messages me. He begs forgiveness and asks if I remember him. I play it cold knowing full well with intimate detail who he is. He apologizes for disappearing and gives some lame ass I wasn’t in the right place at the time excuse. I answer him with short responses and allow him plenty of ass kissing room. He kisses. I agree to give him another chance (I just wanted the penis back and since it could only get to my house by way of him-Greg wins by default). After a couple weeks of getting reacquainted I start thinking he has grown up a lot during his disappearance and I look forward to seeing him again.
It was a beautiful spring day and I was out planting strawberry plants when Greg made the drive to my house to see me again. He’d taken off work early and caught me out playing in the dirt. He smiled and grabbed a lawn chair so he could sit and visit with me as I puttered away. Spring had definitely sprung. The grass was green and the sunset filled the sky with a warm orange hue. A pheasant scooted across the pasture just yards from us and Greg the hunter was thrilled. I was of course excited that he liked being here and my mind wandered to all the seasons we’d spend together in the future. Then he mentioned that some of the blooming trees were irritating his allergies and he wondered if I could be done for the day. I brushed the dirt from my knees and we went in.
I popped a movie in for him to watch and excused myself to go take a shower. Within minutes I returned squeaky clean and wearing a silky black negligee. He smiled and told me I looked great. I proceeded to lay a bunch of blankets down in front of the television so we could get comfortable and start fooling around. His eyes seemed watery and I asked if he was okay. He assured me it was just his allergies as he stripped down to show me my old friend. My eyes were fixed on it until he touched my cheek and kissed me softly. I ached for him and couldn’t hide it my wetness gave my need away. When he touched me he knew of his power over me. He smirked. I rolled him over and climbed on top of him determined to be the one rocking his world this time around. I ravaged him, left him breathless…left him, umm, left him trying to say something. I stopped having my way with him. He sputtered and I listened closer “Cats, cats, do you have cats in the house?”
“Yes, actually there are four of them but I think they’re outside right now,” I answered.
A panic crossed his pale geek face, “I’m severely allergic to cats and I don’t have my inhaler.”
“How big a problem is that?” I inquired.
“I can’t breath and I could die,” came his response in short little weak bursts.
“Oh, oh…do you want me to call an ambulance?”
“No,” …gasp…”No time”…wheeze…”where, clothes?”
I handed him his pants and shirt. I’d never seen such a thing and I curiously watched him struggle to breath while dressing. If the cats had been in the house I have no doubt they would have found it very interesting too.
There seemed to be nothing I could do but watch him try to see his way to my door through his watery eyes. He mumbled something about how he should be able to breath once he got in his car with the windows open. I handed him a bottle of water (all I could think of) and reminded him there was a hospital he could stop at just nine short miles down the road. (Nine miles, hundreds of budding trees and millions of other little blooming weeds from my home) I wondered how far from my place he would have to be for the authorities not to charge me with his death and I suggested he hurry. I watched his car head out my driveway and down the dusty gravel road. After ten minutes I called his cell phone, he picked it up and I could hear him still breathing…faintly…but still breathing, I let him know he didn’t have to talk and I’d call back again to check on him in a few minutes. By the next call he could once again form entire words without to much effort. He made it back home to his inhaler. Haven’t heard from him since.

rm_layne_under 50F

9/16/2006 5:34 am

It is true!! Another case of the truth is stranger than fiction.
hmmm...still haven't heard back from him, but now one of my standard predate questions is - do you have any allergies??

rm_roblem33 47M

12/8/2006 8:43 pm

I don't have any allergies and would love all the chances he has had with you, I'd make sure your were happy and pleased.

rm_roberd1 37M

12/13/2006 4:51 pm

Would love to chat with you! You seem right up my alley in terms of interest and age! Do get back to me or send me a post maybe with your email address since I only have a silver membership on here. You sound very nice!
Take Care,

PayorAggieWoolf 54M

1/27/2007 11:01 am

Hmmmm... Pheasant or Pussy, How about hunting in the morning and making you cum in the afternoon? So.... Pheasant and Pussy!!!! Wow.... What a beautiful day!!!

Oh and by the way... No allergies here!!!

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