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2/28/2006 12:22 am

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First time

I am married but cannot get this fantasy about Hispanic women out of my head, and even when I am eating my wife, I am thinking about licking the cream out of a married latina’s pussy. As I am pushing two fingers into my wife’s ass, and she is groaning, I am thinking about you in the hotel room away from your husband for an hour letting me lick your ass after he fucked you this morning. I am on this site to find some one I can talk and explore with, another married person, who is as kinky and perverse as I am. I hope you look at my profile and like it. I have had this fantasy about married Hispanic women since I was young, my best friend’s Mom was Puerto Rican and she used to leave her panties, nylons, and undergarments lying around for 17 year old boys to step over.

My first experience with a Hispanic woman was my best friends mom. Her name was Diana Molina and she was 36 when I was 17. Her son Danny and I had been best friends since I was 13 and she had kept me under her watchful eye since I was an oversexed teenager. I was sure when I was younger she knew how hot she made me. She was a petite Puerto Rican woman who loved showing off how body and had a tremendous collection of sexy lingerie.

I know this because I spent many weekends over at Danny’s house, and Mrs. Molina would leave her undergarments all over the top floor of the house. She was like a cat, and her ball of twine was silken nylons, lace red panties and matching bras. She always left her soiled panties on the floor of the bathroom that I used when I slept over their house. As I became older, I realized she did this to tease me, but when I was younger, I could not control myself. My cock was rock hard and her soiled panties were the closest I could get to her pussy. At 16, I had her red silken panties wrapped around my hands, with the cotton crotch up against my mouth, licking her dried juices into my mouth, while I pulled on my cock, and squirted against her nylons.

As I did this increasingly, I am sure she realized I was masturbating all over her panties. Therefore, she left smaller and smaller panties, lace thongs, and silken crotch-less panties for me as my reward every time I slept over the house. This continued for a year or so, and at night I would go to the bathroom and soak her panties with my cum, and in the morning she would remove them and put her new used ones for me to smell and taste. I knew she liked it because one night after Danny was asleep, and I was licking her panty stains, she knocked on the door and asked me if I was “ok, and enjoying my stay.” I was so embarrassed but that was exactly what she wanted.

I mumbled, “Yes, Mrs. Molina. I’m fine.” However, I was anything but fine. I was sitting on the toilet spread eagle and completely vulnerable. My cock was in my left hand I was gently stoking it across her silken thigh high nylons. Her soiled crotch, that at this point she had been rubbing in between her pussy with her vibrator; so she could get it all stained with her juices was between my lips, with my tongue forcefully licking the remnants of her orgasm and begging to taste her pussy and ass.

I was almost 17 by now, and I could not take it anymore. She has been teasing me, by purposefully leaving her soiled panties in my bathroom, had been prancing around the house half dressed, her beautiful tits and little brown nipples hardened against translucent blouses, and now was outside listening to me masturbate. She continued probing me with questions, “Are you sure, your fine, you spend a lot of time in this bathroom. I think it’s your favorite place in the house.”

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