Defining Sexy  

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8/19/2006 12:31 pm

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Defining Sexy

Sexy isn’t just the photos of a partially naked woman, that is such a small part...the easy part...its pure seduction. Sexy is the mind and attitude and confidence in finding, knowing, loving and owning one's femininity.

True sexiness is innate, honest, simple and unaffected. Its not the thick makeup, the skimpy clothes or the fake nails and eyelashes. That’s the artificial sexy that’s fun to play with at times.

The sexiest women of the world are those who are passionate in what they do and believe. Those that stay in shape but realize they don’t have to be nor want to be perfect. They laugh at small things and only rise to an altercation when values are challenged. Their intellectual curiosity is insatiable and they are open and willing to experience everything life has to offer. They are at peace with being mothers, lovers, wives, daughters, workers, little girls, sex kittens and every form that a female inhabits.

Living life with passion...Its daring to dream...which requires taking necessary risks that allow one to experience exhilaration and intoxication along with disappointment and frustration....... that is the adventure of being fully alive. Living life to its fullest will also entice your genuine, unpretentious seductive self to emerge.

Today I am what is really sexy in its true form...I am finally authentic to me. I dont care what the world expects or defines as sexy...those terms are not who I am. Yes I still personally love some of the artificial and you know what, that's ok. But the artificial does not dominate me and define sexy to me. They are what makes me feel and be able to have my sexy self come out. The part that being born female gives me the right to own.

My profile is only one small dimension of who I is only the sexual part and by no means is intended to be a portrait of all there is to me or all that I want from life or care about. I am more than this...I am real. I have feelings, fears, dreams and problems and concerns like the rest of the world does.

We all crave the stuff that is found in our wildest dreams... I have big dreams and desires but, what this girl really wants is to be in love with a fulfill those fantasies. Like most of us in this world are searching for...finding that special someone is what will complete me and this journey called life also.

I am simply me...just a girl. Whos definition and portrayal of what sexy is to her is wearing a baseball hat and a confident smirk while pursuing a passion in her life...while, at the same time, dreaming of dancing barefoot under the Eiffel Tower with the man she loves.

Where ever life finds you...cross your fingers, wish on a star and give life a real good kick in the ass...just because you can.


rm_lapdancer68 49F

9/10/2006 7:40 am

To CoffeeCowboy

What Makes A Man Sexy

What makes a man sexy is everything about him. Moving through life with an aura of authority and an air of self assurance. Sexy is to be masculine which is to be hard on the outside but soft on the inside. A man who does not shy away from eye contact and has a mysterious self assured glint in his eyes. A well-rounded man who can discuss a whole array of topics. Self acceptance, self confidence, a bit of sexual aggressiveness, taking care of his physical self, not physical perfection but a man who is at home in his body. Being alive, open minded and uninhibited while embracing life with optimism and with the wonderment and enthusiasm of a little boy.
But the thing that makes a man the sexiest to me personally is his great sense of humor, his intelligence and his ability to love me and accept me for me and to be himself with me. There is something terribly sexy about a man who is comfortable with who he is.
What makes a man sexy....his smile, his wit, his intelligence, his compassion, his toughness, his sexuality, his humor, his morals, his weakness and strengths. The small of his back, his hands, his eyes...

VLMax1968 49M

9/11/2006 2:27 pm

I agree that the entire third paragraph is dead-on. (and that you are great with words) I also agree with what you say about what makes a man sexy.

This neighborhood, the greater LA megalopolis otherwise know as So-Cal is quite infamous for the extreme number of adults who utterly fail at this, who just do not have the self confidence, or even the self respect, needed to be a real man or a real woman, let alone be sexy. Here in this area, we are surrounded by fluff. Sure, it's certainly all very pretty, but what about those of us who look for substance? If beauty is only skin deep for someone, then I won't want to be with them. I see this in how the person carries herself or himself. I had dinner the other day at Hooters in Pasadena. We agreed that all the waitresses there were beautiful to look at. I'd be happy just to kiss the ugliest one! There were two, however, that were special. One young lady carried herself with a certain pride and confidence. This took a great looking girl and made her a beautiful woman. She looks as though she could handle herself in any situation, a woman not to be trifled with. The other carried herself in a many that I've only seen in the Hispanic women of New Mexico, who generally claimed to be 'real Spanish, not Mexican. She carried herself as a lady. Period. It was as if there could be no other option but for her to be a lady and for every body to respect her. There was an elegance to her carriage that I've just not seen in California, or rally, since I left Tularosa decades ago. This confidence, this self respect is so very visible... and it's absence is so very noticeable.

With what you wrote about being sexy, I think you could write a book or run a school (god knows there's a need for it here) on how to have this.


rm_cloudskier 48M

9/12/2006 8:21 pm

You are sexy by any and all measures, proof women don't get older, just better.

rm_lapdancer68 49F

9/13/2006 7:12 am

Now is all I have
I have to live like it matters
Be present...
Don’t be caught up with the future or the past
Nothing is going to save you
Breathe and let go...
You have your truth
This is it...your life is now
Simply surrender.
Don’t worry about where you need to go
Let go of control and just discover
Pay attention to the nuances.
When you are thinking you are not living
Bring your mind, body and soul into what you are doing
Get into your life.

This is what life teaches you as you come to terms with your truth and what living true to yourself means.

rm_bdantbt1 53M

9/13/2006 11:30 pm

Truth is a very relative term today, in this place that doesn’t know even how to get in touch with it. Truth is within you, Truth is what you know, Not what you believe. Truth is only discovered through dishonesty. Most just let it go by, But some of us take it as the greatest disappointment in life. No more wise words have ever been spoken as, If you cannot be truthful with yourself, You can never be truthful with anyone else.

This lesson I learned the hard way, Many years ago. I wish for the world that they would look at the world through the eyes of knowledge & truth. And leave their beliefs behind.

For to believe is to only have faith in something you cannot prove. But, if you can discuss a topic that you believe in, with complete honesty. Then you must open you mind to the fact. That the only honest answer you can “truly” come up with is.

I Don’t Know.

That is being truthful to yourself. In my Humble Opinion

Great Blog. Laney

rm_lapdancer68 49F

9/15/2006 7:42 am

Truth is not what you believe. Truth is what you acquire when all your beliefs are destroyed....when you discover that all your beliefs that you have held so dear are false then your eyes see the truth.
Your Humble Opinion Bdantbt1 is greatly appreciated.

rm_lapdancer68 49F

9/16/2006 4:44 pm

To mysterymm
Thank you for your compliments. Being sexy is how you live and breath and your insatiable desire to live a life true to yourself. I just posted "Let's Get Intimate"....enjoy.

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