Some comments are somewhat vague  

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7/6/2006 6:04 am

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Some comments are somewhat vague

Ok so here goes again. Been a while, but I have been really, I mean really busy.

However, I have been browsing recently and came across something that I thought was, well a strange question of sorts, I think.

I have read several profiles and some ladies are asking for the men to be well endowed. Ok, that part I understand but here is my question:

How would one know wheter you are or not. And NO this is not a fishing expedition, as I have no pics so most would not know anyway.

My point is that to one woman it may be WOW, Big Guy !! OMG and to another it may Hmmmm and??? LOL you said you were what ROTFLMAO.

I met a woman once that said she had only ever seen or had a man who had a micro dick ( cannot say I know what that must be, but anyway moving on ), so then maybe to her everything there after is enormous.

So my solution is as follows:

We should make a form of standard, just like a womens' bra size. That way there could be no mistaking. Unless one wanted to lie.

Hmmmm. I wonder if this concept could be patented?? LOL

Later all

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