God I love rainy days.......  

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4/10/2006 2:02 pm

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God I love rainy days.......

I wake slowly, feeling your body next to me. I smile, feeling warm and comfortable in the bed, our combined heat soothing. I turn my head to the left, looking at you sleeping. You're on your back, and your breathing is deep and even. Sleeping soundly. I hear thunder, and realize that's what woke me... that and the rain drumming on our bedroom window.

I love the rain. Nothing makes me feel more comforted than being in a warm bed while a storm rages outside. I also think making love during a storm is incredibly erotic. I lay there debating for a few minutes, because I know sleep is hard to come by for you. In the end, though, thinking about being inside you with the rain pouring down sways me. I roll slowly on my left side, and let my hand caress your bare breast. I use my fingertips, gently grazing the nipple as I pass over it, back and forth. You mumble something, and shift your body slightly. I smile, and slide my hand slowly between your legs, letting my fingers touch your soft lips. I gently, slowly start to rub you there, taking my time. I want you to wake to pleasure, not shock.

Soon, I feel wetness start to coat my fingers, and your breathing quickens. Your eyes open, and find me next to you. I keep caressing you, and you moan softly, reaching for me. We kiss, our tongues meeting softly. I love kissing you this way, making it last, letting how I feel about you flow through my lips and tongue. My hand continues its slow, steady pace, and you gasp softly. I come to you then, sliding my body over yours. Your legs part to accept me, and you wrap one around the back of my knee. I kiss you deeply again, and slowly slide inside you. We both moan our pleasure at the contact, your arms wrapping around my neck. I move slowly, gently inside you, letting us both build softly, the pleasure growing little by little.

You kiss me harder, your hips starting to move with my rhythm. My hand glides up and down the side of your body, caressing you from hip to breast. I make my thrusts deeper, but keep the same slow pace, as our breathing quickens. You moan softly "yes". You hand stroking my hair. We kiss and we move, over and over again.

"Yes" you say, louder. I can feel the tension building in us... it's hard to stay slow, but I do. I want this to last as long as it can. It's magic being with you here in the dark, with the rain. In and out I slide, smooth and steady. Your hips match mine over and over, rising up to accept me into you. "Yes honey... yes...yes..yesyesyes" you moan softly, and your arms tighten on my neck. I feel you grip me as the orgasm washes over you. I slide in and out, and you rub my head, urging me on. "Cum for me baby" you coax. "Cum in me, please." I groan softly and shudder, my orgasm making my brain stop for a second. All I can feel is me pouring into the wet heat of you.

Spent, I kiss you softly. We lay there for a time, still connected, listening to the rain. We kiss and caress, smiling at each other, saying little nothings that mean everything. Eventually I roll to my side of our bed, and you follow me, nestling into the crook of my arm, resting your head on my chest.

We fall asleep like that, as the thunder booms, and the rain drums...

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