Sex in Samui  

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Sex in Samui

Ok so there isn't much sex in

The short guide to Samui, its a small island belonging to Thailand, its much smaller than the much more popular and famous Thai island resort Phuket. Its on the opposite coast to Phuket and so wasnt effected by the sunami the other year although its been since then that things have really taken off in Samui.

Its full of small boutique hotels, great sandy beaches, and it is very very casual. There are lots of bars on the beach itself, and quite a few with big screen TV's showing the world cup! Its still a bargain, whereas Phuket isnt any longer. Almost everywhere is 10 mins from the airport which has about 3 flights a day.

Its full of Germans! So is Phuket, but here the balance is so much more noticeable, 75% of the tourist seem German. Its really odd, I dont know what it is that brings Germans in such quantities all the way to Thailand.
Not that there is anything wrong with Germans, they were a friendly bunch, particularly Rambo (actually he was more a Victor Mature, if your old enough to know who he is) who was staying at the hotel of which more later.

Ok so I guess Thailand is famous for its sex industry, though I wouldn't know much about it never having dabled in that side of things here, however there was the occasional guy wandering round with a "temporary" girlfriend and at one location there were a bunch of ladyboys trying to get people into the famous Mango Bar, though not one of them, even on a moon less night, in the middle of a power cut would pass for a real woman but that maybe becuase Samui is probably the bottom of the chain for the sex industry I would imagine.

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