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3/13/2006 11:43 pm

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Male Naughty Bits

You read many complaints from women on the blogs about getting the old anonymous cock pic in email from guys and when you think about it they are a pretty pointless way to "meet and greet" someone, a couple of lines plus a cock.

My good friend Jasmine_girl has another point of view, whilst she insists on the face shot she also likes to have the cock shot as well, as she likes to get an idea of what she is letting herself in for but she states this very clearly on her profile and anyway guys she wants mr. average and she will reject those porn star fake pics.

I will admit at times in the past I have had the cock shot on my profile though its now banished to the depths of my network for those who really are interested to find it.

Its difficult at times not to fall in to the trap. As a guy, when you cast an eye over other guys profile as a reference it does seem the cock pic is de rigeur.

I was finally convinced of the error of my ways some time ago by monicaa who cruelly informed me that but for the cock shot I might have had her. If that isn't enough torture to convince a guy then nothing is.

In a way its pretty obvious, I mean think about it for a minute guys, which is the more erotic picture an anonymous pussy shot or one of those partially clothed poses?

So my advice guys is lose the cock pics from the profile, most of them are fake anyway and don't send them out unless specifically asked to.

If you go by most womens advice, and arent they the ones in the know it will for sure improve your chances.

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