Is getting what you want what you want?  

rm_lagano 52M
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3/21/2006 7:43 pm

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3/25/2006 6:34 am

Is getting what you want what you want?

Someone posed an interesting question to me, is it not being able to have something that makes us want it?

If we have it will we lose interest?

Is it really the chase for something we don't have that makes us value it?

If it is easily available would it hold little interest for us?

The answer is I guess, in part, yes.
Though losing interest in something need not only occur for this reason and having got what we want it can constantly evolve and change in a way that maintains your interest and our desire for something is not always simply because we don't yet have it.

Not sure I have the complete answer, so I guess I can either phone a friend or ask the audience, so what do you think?

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