Gor and D/s  

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Gor and D/s

A long, long time ago when I was at University I was in to reading science fantasy books of which Lord Of the Rings was the pinnacle but included the likes of The Saga of the Exiles and the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant.

The book that got me interested in the genre was the Tarnsman of Gor, actually its not just a book it a series of 30+ books written about the planet Gor, somewhere I still have 15 or so books that I read before I tired of them. It was not really on the same level as the other books I mentioned this was clearly a lot more low brow. Gor was some sort of medieval alternative world where men were Men and women were, well, very submissive shall we say.

The better books are still worth reading today but the Gor series is something I have long since forgotten about ... until last week.

The I read on the BBC news about a "sex slavery cult" based on a series of 1960s science fiction novels has been uncovered by police in Darlington (probably best described as a bleak coal mining town in the North of England).

Durham Police discovered the bizarre sect after raiding a home in the area, after receiving complaints that a woman was being held against her will.

But a spokesman said the Canadian was a willing participant and the other people involved were consenting adults.

The group, called Kaotians, follow the Chronicles of Gor novels which depict a society where women are dominated.

The 29-year-old woman is said to have voluntarily joined the sect after finding out about it over the internet.

She later contacted a friend in United States, who then contacted the police, saying she wanted to leave but couldn't as she had burnt her passport and return ticket (she had previously done this so that she couldn't be forced to leave by the sect that had wanted to throw her out).

But a police spokesman said upon arriving at the premises they did not find any evidence of "criminal offences".

Police also investigated claims by a father in Essex his 18-year-old son had joined the sect. However police also found the teenager was at the property voluntarily and they had no grounds to get involved.

Lee Thompson, 31, says he is the "master" who trains the slaves at the Darlington address.

He said the women who act as slaves "do so by their own choice" and added "the girls will do everything they are told when it comes to sex, but it is all voluntary and all safe. I use internet chatrooms to meet people. The girls are quite willing".

"Lots of girls want to come and find out about it. They think it's exciting, but it's hard work for everyone. Girls leave when they've had enough."

"We're just a group of people that live a different lifestyle, I mean there's nothing wrong with that," he told BBC News.

"We don't hurt anyone, we don't damage anyone, everyone's consensual."

Members of the group based their lives on "a dominant submissive point of view", he said, with women as slaves "because women have a submissive streak in them."

Mr Thompson says up to 350 followers regularly meet in pubs and clubs around the North East, in an area from Berwick to York.

Kaotians are a splinter group of the Goreans, which base their beliefs on novels written by American university professor John Norman.

The books are set on the quasi-medieval planet of Gor, which has a caste system and uses women as slaves.

There are an estimated 25,000 Goreans worldwide.

It seems Mr. Thompson has also upset a few of his neighbours as well, his local Butcher has banned him from his shop becuase of his habit of having the women on leashes when they are out and about town.

Hmm, so do you harbour this secret desire to be a sex slave in a simplistic, romantic world where men like Arnold Schwarzenegger are common place and women are just there to please men and not have to worry their pretty heads about the trials and tribulations of everyday life?

If you do how would you feel about the reality of some North England cult of probably over weight beer bellied and broke guys who meet up in pubs to swap there sex slaves for there amusment?

Could you see your self actually joining a D/s cult or is maybe D/s not so much a lifestyle as something that you would like to "role play" on occasion.

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6/6/2006 5:06 am

Um, no, no, and no. But, like most people, I'll admit to a prurient interest in hearing or reading about it. It's a fascinating lifestyle, just not one in which I ever see myself participating. What about you? After all, you read some of the training manuals, it seems.

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