Favorite Asian Movies  

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5/3/2006 4:06 am

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Favorite Asian Movies

Another blog got me to thinking about my favorite asian movie.

I actual watch quite a lot of chinese movies, sometimes I'll watch them even if they dont have subtitles.

Running Out Of Time I - This is my all time favorite, Andy Lau is just cool in this movie and Lau Ching Wan is the perfect partner for him, two complete opposites. A touch of action, comedy, romance it has it all.

Infernal Affairs II - A close second and I think the classiest and probably greatest movie ever produced in asia. Its on a par with any oscar winning western movie.

I didn't like I or III anywhere nears as much though the trilogy as a whole is great.

The pace of II is incredible and the attention to detail is stunning, and it is practically the only asian movie with a real sound track.

Love the small things like the explanation of why he is fascinated with that particular HiFi and song, and the way that acts as the link between the 3 movies and III ends by showing you how Tony and Andy came to be in the shop which was the starting scene of part I.

If you are western and don't usually watch asian movie's try and get this one and forget all the "crouching" type movies.

Any Chow Sing Chi movie BEFORE Shaolin Soccer - I just find him so funny but with Shaolin Soccer onwards he went very much off the boil and I stopped laughing.

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