rm_la_snoman 43M
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3/11/2006 1:50 pm

well, things have been quiet here at threesome central, because my trio have separated for a time. the three of us are like a family, and we want to come back together at some point, but there were some things to address on a personal level that demanded some time apart.

so now i'm searching out other couples to play with, because i'm horny!

One of the fantasies that's been keeping me up at night recently has a bi-sexual side to it that i've never pursued in reality, but can't get out of my mind. i've gotten off on girls sucking guys' cocks for so long, that i guess i've developed an oral fixation myself. so i find myself thinking about a woman straddling my face, sucking my cock deeply, and her partner fucking her from behind right above me. I like the idea of grabbing his cock and guiding it in and around her pussy, using it like a tool. Then when I'm drunk enough on sexual energy, guiding his cock in my mouth, and he alternates between my mouth and her pussy.

I grew up with a porn film where Annie Sprinkle does this, and it blew my mind. I guess I've always wanted to try it in some deep place in my mind.

I had to get past a certain level of shame about having any "hetero-flexible" desires, but you know what? If it turns you on, fucking do it. Life isn't about denying yourself anything.

We'll see... maybe I'll hate it.

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